Matt Nichols?

I really cheered for this guy after two devastating injuries... I think he is done though.. He looks like he does not have what it takes to play at this level

And Franklin is hardly consolation either. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

One more game of this crap and then Reilly mercifully should be back.

Well.. at least Edmonton has Connor McDavid... maybe HE can play QB?

given the game situation, the defense he was up against, and his very rare experience in game time play, I think he did well and expect better from him in the future. I would take him over Nichols, beck, whoever is starting for wpg, just for starters.

You know that's a fair point.

22 of 36 254 2TD 1 Int (off a heave of a pass that should not have been thrown), and he should have been charged with one of Bell's fumbles that was recovered for touchdown because he should not have tried to force that hand-off of the high snap in the first place.

But as commented in the game thread, I also did not like some of his passes that should have been completed that were fired low or his desperation heaves.

Hey I get it when you are down 22 at the half to go you have to be aggressive when you take the field, but at times Franklin looked also hapless instead of smart. That reminds me too much of Nichols as the game wears on.

Now perhaps we give Franklin the start and if he can manage the game and our defence does not fall apart again, we can keep it close enough to beat the Argos.

But pull boneheaded decisions akin to Nichols' past in the second half again, and we will poop the bed at home anew.

Let's all hope that Reilly can remain healthy last two regular season games he's played he's been injured this better not be a trend.

Exactly. :thup:

Nichols is just plain awful