Matt Nichols

Obviously our coaching staff would rather lose with Jyles and his Dad playing instead of giving Nichols a shot.
Anyone have any idea why this is?
I'm not blaming the latest crap show on Jyles, but cripes the Al's had 4 TD's long before we had 4 first downs.
Kavis and Tillman keep telling the fans "ït's my fault, blame me" OK morons I'm blaming you, NOW WHAT!?
I'm not sure I care if they win as long as this regime remains in charge.
Help me regain some shred of faith in this organization :frowning:

Completely idiotic not to give Nichols at least some time last game... unless the coaching staff knows that he's horrible and don't want to waste their time on him (which very well could be the case). We saw the same thing last year with how much the coaching staff "talked up" Eric Ward, only to give him no meaningful snaps all season and promptly toss him aside during the off-season. Looks like Nichols might be on that same path of "development".

It's difficult not to come to that assumption.
They refused to play Coehoorn last season for no good reason other than he was too new, maybe it's the same thing?
If he's just not good REPLACE HIM!

Matt likely won't play unless there is an injury to Jyles/Joseph. Esks have 4 games on the menu after Toronto; I would like to see Nichols get action in one of those games... and he would do well. Next year for sure - it just has to be.

I also see no evidence whatsoever that we've changed any part of our playbook to allow for our new mobile QB, am I wrong?

I made my feelings about this situation clear in this post: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=76539#p1356839

Reed definitely wasted an opportunity...

To be fair Nichols didn't exactly light it up in the pre-season when he did get some reps. Would not be surprised at all to see him released in the off-season. With that all being said, its not like the existing 2 QB's are really doing much either. (to say the very least)

True, Nichols didn't appear special in his pre-season action, however he'll amount to nothing at all holding a clip board so Joseph can throw into double coverage.
The coach's seem so set on managing the game they've forgotten to try to win.
Cary Koch returning punts is another example of the mediocrity this staff is so fond of.

Some info to pass along; I think the Esks would rather have Burnett as a DB [more so] as opposed to kick/punt return, thus could be the reason Koch is back there.
Burnett; 20.6 on kick-off return average - punt return 13.6 average
Koch; 23.8 average on kick return - 7.0 on the punt return.

From Dave Campbell 2 tweets; 1. Reed says he's more comfortable with Joseph as back up with the team being 4-3 and in second place. 2. Reed believes in the program they have [set] for Nichols which is to have Matt watch and let the game slow down for him.

I believe Burnett is battling some minor injury so I think you are correct.

Interesting info, thanks. :thup: Still, there’s gotta be someone better than Koch to return punts on the team.

If he was so comfy in his decision he wouldn’t feel like defending it by pointing out their 2nd place ranking. I’m a little tired of him thinking we are too stupid to understand his plan. We are the laughingstock’s of the league because of our QB’s.

With three starting running backs on the roster last game why have they not given at least the Kick Off returns to one of them most likely Boyd would be the choice or even boyd and Messam. RB skills translate well into Kick off returns that is why you see so many back up running backs returning Kick offs and right now Boyd and Messam are both back Up RBs

First thing, I don't want to blame Joseph or Jyles. Yes they lost a stinker to Montreal and the Esks have lost 3 of the last 4 but we have to recognize that in both Calgary losses, Joseph put them in a position to win and that is what you ask of your quarterback.

That being said, there has not been much excitement out of the Eskimo offense and I think it is time that Nichols be given a chance to show what he can do.

I do not know what the answer is but they certainly over rated the abilities of Jyles. Like Buck Pierce I think that everyone in the CFL can move past the idea that either of them are starting QBs in the CFL. I am not sure that Jyles is even a good back up. He was handed the starting job and had players around him on offense to start the season giving him every chance to be sucessful and he has just not been able to make the throws that a QB starting or Back Up needs to make on a regular basis. He was not even close.
It may be the fact that Nichols is just not that good. I think that Masoli has the abilities but the ESKS just do not want to put him in any kind of situation where he could fail at this point. The ESKS wanted him last season after being shunned by the NFL due to team discipline issues at Oregon where he was a lower end Heisman candidate and went to Ole Miss his SR year and di much the same. Masoli cose the UFL last season where he did get to play quality time but only 4 games.
The ESKS have him now and are basically shielding him from all of this by simply having sit the season out on the IR.
There QB situation is a mess and will need to bring in someone from the outside next season to start and they will also give Masoli a real chance in securing one of the two back up spots.

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Nichols will get the start....with that said - the whole D-Line starters are out.

With the D line all banged up and a PO’d Cornish they may need to put some points on the Board not somehting Jylescan do

I hope you're right but I'll believe it when I see him run onto the field

Let's take a look at Winnipeg; Buck went down and Brink/Elliott filled in, thus granted Elliott got most of the work and did well as for what he was asked/prepared to do. Take a look at Sask; Durant suffered a hip problem and Drew Willy gets the nod and got the job on what was asked of him. Now take a look at Calgary; Tate goes down and with Glenn has done a very good job for what he's achieved. With Mitchell at the helm would fit the bill also if called upon if Kevin [although Glenn will get the nod] couldn't/and or wasn't able to start. That's kudo's to the respective teams head boss for confidence in the QB's they have. With the Jyles injury restricts him from his scramble out of the pocket mobility; so thus why risk more hurt even if he was 95% ready. Kavis Reed shys away from Nichols to give him the start in Calgary is a lack of [I'm not sure "IF"] and he knows it. Give Matt the ball and see the results; Kavis still has Jyles to come off the bench if needed.

i agree 100%, hence the "I hope you're right" part.
The Esks seem to think starting Nichols is giving up on the season, I think starting Jyles or Joseph is giving up on the season.

There are good Quotes from a few of the Eskimos players; upbeat - positive nature in practise to work with Nichols on his start. As for Jyles/Joseph; take away the two wins against Toronto, Eskies are 3-7.

It really is hurting the Esks to have 3 backups and no starter. Impossible at this time to pinpoint Nicols' talent, he hasn't seen enough game time. It's time we saw. While Reed seems to think that starting Nichols indicates forfeit of the season, I agree with previous posts; to stick with Jyles is most certainly giving up on the season.