Matt Nichols traded to Bombers

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#Bombers acquire QB Matt Nichols from #Esks for a conditional seventh round pick in 2017. #CFL via @garylawless

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QB @MattNichols16 traded from #Esks to #Bombers for conditional 7th round pick. via @ArashMadani #CFL[/b]

the Bombers also picked up the recently released Chevy Walker…

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#Bombers announce RB Chevon Walker (@CDWALK_29) signing #CFL via @JDunk12

So Nichols is worth about as much to the Esks as a roll of ankle tape. Kind of an insulting trade to Nichols. While he is certainly no Ray or Flutie, he's surely worth more than a "conditional" 7th round pick. That means the Bombers only owe the Esks the pick if they get a predetermined result from the player. ie he is there for a certain number of weeks, or makes the active roster etc.

Beyond ticked off as a fan. I don’t know how you can expect to get better by picking up other teams failures. Seriously a RB with a sub 4 ypc average and trending worse the last 3 years? A QB leading the league in INTs? How is that an improvement over the guys already throwing INTs? If there is anything less inspiring for a fan than these two moves? Anyone else want to dump a terrible offensive player because apparently Kyle Walters is buying.

Well Franklin is clearly the man now until Reilly comes back. Might was well deal from depth though I would think they would get more than a 7th.

The pickup doesn’t hurt the Bombers IMO.

Wish there were more trades.

I would suspect the largest benefit to the Eskimos is in providing 'Cap' space and not the 7th round pick.

I would expect to see an announcement soon on Brian Brohm's release.

In fairness the BB were in the Zach Collaros sweepstakes when he was a FA and then they signed Willy.

Definitely surprised. Traded for a conditional seventh round choice in 2017. Edmonton basically gave him for nothing. I presume that Mike Reilly is ready to return. I will not be surprised if he's added to the active roster for next Monday's game,although he will be number 3 QB.


Well, they gave up nothing (or next to it) and the worst case scenario is that they get nothing back. If either guy contributes to any degree, you're pretty well ahead of the game, but you can't really lose here.

in fairness to Willy, he is a fine QB but unfortunately plays in front of an anemic OLine for the second straight season now.
No QB in this league could withstand the same constant brutal hits as Willy garnered game after game without injury.

I get that, a 7th rd pick is nothing to give to get a player with some experience. He's an upgrade over Brohm and over what Marve has been able to do thus far, and he gives the team an experienced backup once Willy is healthy again. It's an improvement. But the reality is he's a QB with a negative TD-INT ratio that makes bad decisions with the football under pressure to a team who's offense best known for its ability to give up QB pressure. I don't find that particularly exciting.

Really surprised Winnipeg could get Nichols that cheap. We can all remember when the Argos used to cough up 1st round picks for "stars" like Mike Bishop and Jyles etc.
But Nichols has to be an upgrade over the two young QB's Winnipeg has to run out there right now until Willey returns. Brohm doesn't look like he can play in the League and Marve just isn't ready to start. I wonder if Winnipeg might also bring in Mitchell Gale from the Argos. He has some experience and O'Shea would be familar with him.

One factor that is being overlooked is that Nichols has been loyal to the Eskimos, given his all and been a team guy. The Eskimos may have made this trade an got little in return as a way of giving Nichols a chance to play since he appears to be the odd man out in Edmonton now. Kind of making the trade as a courtesy to Nichols.

The heat is on Bellefeuile, not the OLine:

It appears Marcel Bellefeuille has forgotten how to protect his quarterback.

As a result, his offences get worse with each stop he makes across the CFL.


There are many factors that go into an offence's statistics, from the strength of the offensive line to injuries to the kind of offensive players on the roster, but the bottom line is Bellefeuille's quarterbacks have been getting crushed since he left Saskatchewan a decade ago.

Winnipeg allowed a franchise record 71 sacks last season. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2008 gave up 67 sacks. And in the most damning statistic, Anthony Calvillo and the Alouettes quarterbacks got dropped a whopping 68 times in 2007 behind one of the league's best offensive lines. This year the Bombers have already allowed a league-high 31 sacks behind what team claims is a better offensive line. That figure is more than Bellefeuille's Saskatchewan squads gave up in each of the 2003, 2004 and 2005 campaigns.

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There's a lot of pressure coming from both the Wpg media and fans to ditch Bellefeuille NOW.

Yeah, and trading him to the Bombers means that Wpg is picking up his existing contract. If they had cut him he would probably have had to re-negotiate, likely downwards.

Classy move by he Esks.

…I’d have to see the Whoville Hospital medical evidence that Jones’ heart grew three sizes that day before I’d believe that kind of generousness happened…

Not sure why, teams throughout the CFL appreciate and reward loyalty, it is a two way street. Given the reality that Nichols likely was no longer in the Eskimos picture, sending him somewhere that he might see playing time is a courtesy even the Stamps would extend.

Anyone think Jones shook Nichols' hand on his way out the door?

You can't really complain about Jyles after effectively trading him for Ricky Freakin Ray!

Int. Edmonton QB Mike Reilly has been added to active roster from 6 game injured list.-as per CFL transactions-