Matt Nichols status "in doubt" for Western Semi

Despite Mike O'Shea's insistence that Nichols was "fine" there appears to be increasing alarm in bomberville that Nichols will NOT be ready to go. Here's a piece by bomber writer Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun - basically saying what almost everyone but O'Shea is saying. They won't pinpoint the injury (other than leg or calf) but its obvious that if Nichols suffered a torn calf, even a partially torn calf no amount of re-hab would have him ready to rock by Sunday. Torn calf muscles usually require 6 to 10 weeks for recuperation, ultimate factors include player's age and healing ability. Given Nichols is 30+ and has had a couple of knee injuries I'd put his recovery on the longer side - 8 to 10 weeks!

Main reason O'Shea is stalling on MN's playing status - it makes selling tickets ahuge burden if Nichols isn't playing.

Here's my odds for the western semi:

Nichols plays near 100% - bombers win 21 times out of 100
Nichols playsappr. 85%- bombers win 8 times out of 100
Nichols out, LaFever in - bombers win 5 times out of 100
Nichols out, Davis in-bombers win 1 time out of 100

Wad Miller has sent out a compelling letter to season ticket holders, imploring them to redeem their playoff vouchers at nearly 27% OFF. Best procedure for Miller is keeping doubt on the table re: Nichols status - until at least Friday a.m. - then naming their starter. That will kill ticket sales the rest of the week - virtually no walkup expected anyways.

PROVE ME WRONG BOMBER FANS - SELL THE DAMN THING OUT AND MAKE LIFE A VIRTUAL HELL FOR MAD-HATTER REILLY. But frankly, the crowd will be in the 15,000 to 19,500 range plus at least 2,500 to 3,000 paperings courtesy Miller.

Let the mind games begin.

Never tip your hand.

Keep them guessing .