Matt Nichols should start next week?

Reed has already said that Joseph will be starting next week.

I asked the same question about Willy/Durant after Durant got hurt mid-season or there abouts... I would stick with Joseph but if he can't get the offense moving, then go with Nichols...

That would explain him spiking the ball with five seconds left in the game - to stop the clock so he could huddle up and get a play off? It actually worked, as got lots of time to call the play as a result of the review to reset the clock.

I was originally thinking that it should have been called intentional grounding, as the ball didn't cross the line of scrimmage. But after looking at the rule book, it's likely the officials felt that he did not do it in order to avoid loss of yardage, and therefore it wasn't a penalty.

[b]Article 7 – Intentional Grounding[/b] If a Team A passer deliberately, and in the official’s opinion for the purpose of avoiding loss of yardage, throws the ball behind the line of scrimmage to the ground or Out of Bounds or to an area in which there is not an eligible Team A receiver, the team shall be penalized.
Another possibility is that the officials figured that the runningback was in the area? Ok, maybe not.

Tillman knew that the ESKS were not going to have a QB this season and that the Grey Cup was not a reality once he traded Ray to open up cap space for better players at other positions so Edmonton really is doing as well as can be expected without a starting QB. If they thought that Nichols was the QB of the future than Joseph would not be on the roster and he would have been the number 2 QB. Tillman most likely had a short list of possible candidates going into the season who he felt Edmonton could aquire for next season to be their QB. Then during the course of the season some others may come into the mix. Jyles and Joseph were just a band aid to keep them competative with both starting experience in the CFL. Joseph was aquired if Jyles got to be that bad and he did so Joseph was able to step in and still run the offense like a pro and he has. Nichols will be available again next week off the bench as a change up but he may not be as lucky again to have 2 blitzing players come up the middle untouched and trip over each other.

Who cares as long as they lose.:slight_smile:

I used to enjoy hearing opinions on this site, now that only yours is allowed I don't really bother that much anymore. :roll:
I have to wonder what happened in your life recently to cause such a dramatic and irritating shift in personality?