Matt Nichols - Opportunity is knocking!

It is somewhat Ironic that Matt Nichols finally gets a chance to prove himself and it is as a result of injury. Nichols has been a bit of a hardluck case and I hope that he is up to the task. Above all I hope he can shake the injury bug that has put the bite on him. good luck! :thup:

He also had a similar chance last year but failed to produce.
This may ultimately be his last opportunity.

He is in his fourth full season in the CFL, just like Harris and Collaros. He showed promise in his first season but has looked very tentative since returning from a couple of serious injuries. I agree that it is "do or die" for his CFL career at this point.

Do they still have that Franklin kid? By the end of the month he’s the starter.

Opportunity maybe knocking but sadly I bet the door is gonna stay closed.....Especially after his lack of performance last year, I hope I am wrong.

Yeah I believe Franklin is on the practice roster right now. If Nichols fails against Ottawa I say we put in Franklin and see what he can do. Hopefully everything just goes well and the Esks can stay around 6-5, 6-4 or 7-5 till Reilly gets back (7-5 being 12 weeks from now) then we'll be right in the playoffs again.

We put him on the practice roster. With Reilly out three months, I'd like to see them bring him up. He had a decent preseason.