Matt Nichols - is it over?

Lots of fingers being pointed at Festus (Matt Nichols) tonite on TSN panel. Milt & Dunigan both went after Nichols like there was no tomorrow - Milt said that if Nichols is calling out his WRs for being unable to shake loose - he should also take criticism for open receivers that he can’t hit because his accuracy sucks!

Bombers have a slight (ok, large) problem. Their QB is giving off a bad stench, and it appears he’s also a locker room fungus.

Who woulda thought - especially after The Boxcar Willy experiment ended?

just curious, based on what??

No it’s not over. I for one feel he can turn it around. Far too quick to dump Matt already. Just wish we would stop being so impatient. Also I don’t buy it that he’s bad in the locker room.

We can’t blame Nichols for the fact that the last two teams to play us pretty well abandoned the run game and threw the ball because they knew the secondary was porous. Our HC and DC refuse to change tact or players. That’s not Nichols’ fault either. In spite either of the other teams having better pass coverage, Nichols put up some good numbers.

I think we need to stick with the main problem and that is pass coverage. The average against us is starting to be +400 yds.

I think it’s over for a few Bombers, at least as starters:

Nichols, unless he somehow manages to turn into someone he isn’t, and post big numbers against the Riders. Good luck with that, Chris Jones is still the best DC in the league.

Harris, I think they ran him out of gas early in the season, he has lost his legs, Flanders time.

Chris Randle, blowing coverages and not even trying to recover on the play.

Those are my 3 on the bubble.

O'Shea even insulted bomber fanbase by calling Harris's # on a meaningless 2nd last play of the game - you know, the one where Harris had to come out favoring the side of his head (possible concussion, neck injury)

Randle pretty much done - he can no longer compete with burners like Marken Michel - a vicious mis-match if there ever was. If he's done that means O'Loyal keeps trotting him out - regardless of consequence. (Hint: There are none)

Nichols looks like damaged goods to be sure - he'll have rally quick, and rally hard. OShea will continue to trot him out there cuz the book says O'Shea is stubborn - doesn't want to disappoint no one.

Leggat still a great player based on smarts and instincts - not much speed left in old legs. Just trying to finish the season uninjured and cash maximum paychecks!

Harris ain't a bubble boy yet - but you're right - he might be outta gas - either that or his o-line forgot how to block or ain't eatin' no more spinach!

Other bubbles on the bomber roster - Craig "Death" Roh, Poop Johnson, Lankford, Kevin Fogg. Taylor "Not Swift" Loffler - most of the coaching staff (aka Deadbeat Row)

….Nichols is a dead qb. walking in Winnipeg…After throwing his receivers under the bus…accepting no blame and just generally stinking the joint out with his poor play his days are numbered…The head coach might keep trotting him out but the head coach isn’t catching any of his passes…the receivers do…I can imagine what’s going to go on in the locker room after this latest babble by a clearly under performing qb…The only upside was Streveler throwing a td pass to Lankford (go figure)…after that nada,

….This team will slowly go down the drain in 18’ with the Ritchie Hall ‘shred me’ defence…Calgary set a record…over 500 yds passing…could’ve been 600 easily…The game before we gave up 400 yds…Is anyone getting the picture…Our offence has bailed this poor DC out the previous 2 years…Now that the O has hit the wall there’s no recovery… Hall should have been gone last offseason…instead loyal Mike kept him around to punish the Bomber faithful another season…Which brings me to a coach who has just about worn out his welcome…Too stubborn to replace players because of loyalty has netted us 5 wins against teams with losing records…When we played the upper echelon…5 defeats and 2 by blowouts…That picture ain’t pretty after 5 years of Mike O’Shea…IF we fail to make post season, I don’t see how anyone in management could keep O’Shea around and keep their jobs…The stadium will be empty next year…and that seems to be where we’re headed…

….There’s still one positive …and that’s Chris Streveler…If Nichols can’t find his game Labour Day then we have to bring the kid in…Let him spell Matt off until he can take full control…We might stand a chance in Regina if that happens…otherwise after witnessing the resurgence of the Riders lately, we don’t have a prayer

……Milt pretty much told Matt to SHUT UP and play football…Dunigan said he’s sick and tired of this guys whining and when adversity hits a players true character shines through…Well Matt’s character is quite tarnished now and the shine is off…Time to put Streveler in and at least give the team a fighting chance…Otherwise stay home and mail the riders the 2 pts.

On a team where we hear the same old, same old, game after game, whether after a loss or win, Matt Nichols has been a breath of fresh air. Somebody, connected to the team, may have finally stated that there is something wrong ! :wink:

The jury is still out on Matt’s real intention in his speech but that just might be damage control.

For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee, Michael O’Shea. It tolls for thee.

This dud won’t even entertain the idea of putting Streveler in to inject energy and perhaps efficiency into his *(and plop’s) flailing offense. Dud will keep trotting his boy(Festus Nichols) out there until we’re mathematically eliminated from crossover - then magically he’ll infuriate even more fans by starting Streveler in nothing games cuz he wants to keep his boy (Nichols) healthy for the 2019. Totally, totally unacceptable. If you put in Nichols while you’re committed to chasing a playoff fantasy then you must keep him in when the fantasy dies. Don’t risk injuring Streveler, he’s our (not your) key to future success. Nichols is just an itinerant hobo who managed to extract a couple million dollars from a feeble management team who have no idea whats happening to their “beloved” team. (Knife 'n forkers generally don’t know whats going on but they can eat 'n drink like the dickens)

Nichols isn’t done IMO. He’s not having as good a season as last year, but he’s still capable. There are a couple of problems this season though.

  1. I don’t believe he is still 100% after the early season injury. Last year there were times when they’d role him out of the pocket or he would run the ball. You don’t see that this year, which makes me think he may still be favouring the injury.
  2. Without Dressler, he’s working with basically 3 rookies in the receiving group - Lankford, Wolitarsky, and Thompkins. I include Lankford even though he’s been around the CFL but he hasn’t really played a lot of receiver. Lankford had the big catch from Streveler for the TD, but his drop the week before on the goal line vs Ottawa really took a bunch of wind out of the Bombers sails. He makes that grab and it’s a different game IMO. They’ve taken turns showing up, but we need more consistency.
  3. For whatever reason, he’s struggling with the deep ball. Nichols to Adams deep was money last year, this year it’s 50-50 at best. Adams is finding a way to get open, they need to find a way to reconnect again.
  4. The playcalling has been awful. Lapo gets a lot of credit for his creativity, but when teams take away Harris like Calgary did, he struggles calling an effective gameplan and the offense gets bogged down in two and outs. He had nothing on the subsequent drives after the TD play to Langford. We’re going through long stretches of two and outs now for several weeks, and that’s on him as much as the guys on the field.

As for Stegall and anyone else taking shots at Nichols for what they believe he said, perhaps they should listen to his entire comments and not just one line from twitter. He comment was to laud the tight defensive coverage by the Stamps secondary. He’s also takes responsibility for his own play. I have no issue with anything he said, neither should his teammates if they can comprehend anything longer that a tweet.

…..I listened to the comments and it sure sounded like he was down on his receivers when he stated ' I went through my reads and couldn't find anyone open ...Obviously on more than one occasion because we had a bunch of 2 and outs in a row..So is it all of the receivers or the quarterback...
…..As far as his comments go and including the previous week when the boos rained down from the stands, he sounds like he's covering up his poor play....Not being held accountable or skirting the issue of his lousy play....Let's face it...the Nichols we're seeing now is not the Nichols of last season...not even close....Now is it because of injury or has he turned into a Drew Willy....If it's injury why the heck is our coach still playing him...He obviously has no mobility and is a sitting duck once the protection breaks down...Lack of mobility is killing this guy AND it could stem from his reluctance to take a hit on his previously injured leg...don't know...In any event IF he's not one hundred percent then why is he in there...It's not like we don't have another option

I just don’t know. All I can say is that Matt Nichols wasn’t among the QBs I was willing to consider in CFL Fantasy this week.


Well, at least O’Shea is consistent. He trotted out his Willy when Boxcar Willy was basically nothing more than a corpse with an Eddy Haskell smirk!

There are endless arguments on what MN meant when he talked. Another telling comment was when he said he hit Darvin in the chest and he dropped it. That ball was under thrown. Darvin had to turn around to try to catch it and two Cal guys were on him. Two weeks in a row he causes controversy. After the Ott game was the worst IMO. He needs to shut up unless he really wants to point fingers and tell us all what’s wrong.
I think we have the best one-two punch with QBs. Now use them properly.

I think it’s receivers, QB, and our scheme. I missed who said it, maybe it was Nichols, but the Stamps D seemed to have the perfect defense called for each of the Bombers plays. I think watching them play and hearing some of the stuff coming out of that game, a large chunk of our offense has become predictable. Our plays to Harris are predictable. Good defensive coordinators have us figured out by and large. And now we face a good co-ordinator in Jones in back to back weeks and three games down the stretch. Lapo will have to stop going to the well with plays he likes so much and change it up.

Nichols hasn’t been shy about saying he hasn’t been good enough. Last week and this his comments I think have been extrapolated to mean something they don’t. We roll our eyes when players throw out cliches, crucify them when they don’t. As a player and a person he is not a guy who’s going to intentionally throw his team under the bus to save his own skin. I don’t think he’s washed up like Willy became, just having a subpar year, but time will tell.