Matt Nichols injury

Although it looked like a broken leg, the newest update as of 11/11/12 2PM Edmonton time, Matt Nichols have suffered a Ankle Dislocation. Undergoing further tests in a Toronto hospital. May fly back to Edmonton tonight.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Just who the heck are you ?


Someone with money........vbg.

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Matt Nichols was able to make the flight home to Edmonton with his teammates. As Nichols injury looked very bad, its actually not that bad. Just a dislocated ankle. He will be able to play in 2013 and not miss training camp. Very lucky.

Well let's hope for a speedy and full recovery. :thup:
I've asked on a previous post who cflvsnfl is he seems to have a lot of knowledge on the Esks, some I agree with some not so much but they are very well thought out opinions. Maybe he's a coach or player? Perhaps he'll come clean soon.

He/she seems to be bent on Ed Hervey getting the GM job. Maybe it's Ed. :lol: :cowboy:

That thought has crossed my mind as well :lol:

LOL. If i was Ed Hervey, i wouldnt be deserving of the GM job by writing on here and not focusing on my job. Ed is clearly focusing on 2013 and improving this team.

Matt Nichols surgery was a success. Doctors inserted a pin into Nichols ankle that will help with the healing process. Looks good so far going into the 2013 season.

I heard it was a compound dislocation. for them to put a pin in it must have been a fracture of some sort.