Matt Kirk

What a game. This guy is a keeper. And Mcintyre is a beast. these guys really made a difference last night...

And the under the radar guy on the line was Albert Smith.He was pushing the line and filling holes all night long.Let's not forget,
his first play in the CFL was a sack :lol:

Kirk was outstanding last night. Coming to Hamilton has turned him into starter material as his stats started exploding compared to BC. Didn't have any sacks in 4-5 years in BC and 1 season and 7 games into his time in Hamilton and he has at least 6.

No doubt about it; Matt Kirk was looking good last night. Mackintyre has looked quite good on
most of his outings this year. These guys are keepers. :thup:

The D line was awesome last night. They kept the Peg QB's inside and pressured them continually. Kirk definitly looks like starter material...a real bright spot for the D last night. :cowboy: