Matt Fodge "kicker"

Ti-Cats have signed a new punter while Wilbur is on the mend! His name is Matt Fodge and comes out of Oklahoma State!
Just came back from practice and he was punting 50-60 yds into the wind also!

This is Matt doing a fake punt and running for a 1st down!

How did the defence let him do that? They knew he was going to fake it!

8) Sounds like Wilbur's injury is more serious than first thought !!
 If Fodge looks that good as you say at practice, he could be our new full time punter.

 We shall see in Toronto, just how well he handles the job.

The press release is saying he's on the practice roster, so they aren't giving away yet whether Wilbur will be playing this Friday or not. I guess we'll know on Thursday.

He's also a placekicker, so he also provides another backup for DeAngelis.

How was his timing on getting the punt away? Hard to tell from the old college / high school videos on YouTube.

I too was at practice today ... Wilbur is in a walking cast ... don't think he will be ready for Friday.

A little more checking, and found that he didn’t do any placekicking in college, just in high school. So a pure punter, although could be used if all the other kickers were injured (knock wood - we don’t want another experience like when Ruoff and Stapler were both injured in the same game, although it was hilarious watching that DL, whoever he was, try to punt the ball).

Fodge’s punting average during his last three years at Oklahoma State was 43.4 yds. Wilbur’s average over his three years playing at Florida was 43.0, so pretty similar. He was the recipient of the 2008 Ray Guy Award as the top collegiate punter in the US. (

8) And that is exactly the reason why Fodge was brought in.
 The Cats would have known by Sunday, when Wilbur's MRI was done, that he would not be available for a certain
  length of time !!

Fodge didn't show the coaches that he could kick field goals today at practice

but he sure showed that he can boom kick offs. With a strong wind behind him

he kicked almost all of them to, or over, east end the goal-line!

Awesome, and how did his punts look?

Anybody at todays practice. Just wanted to know how Fodge was looking. Looks like he’ll probably be playing Friday in TO. :cowboy:

I was there but didnt want to say anything negative at the time! I see he has since been let go! So that should tell you right there! He look good on Monday, but horible on Tuesday!