Matt Dunnigan on the Food Channel

Apperently he had his own show? Any1 gonna watch it?

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I am... what's better than BBQ? Honestly.


I wouldnt watch DF on a food show. Well, maybe once.

Eh. I don't usually watch the food channel, and I can't see myself tuning in just to watch him.

I think this is funny. What the hell does he know about food? All he is gonna say is, "Damn this tastes good, this Texas food."

Maybe he took lesson from Foreman

Not only is this going to be good for CFL fans and food network fans alike, but it is good for the CFL. It's a seasonal show that just happens to coincide with the CFL season. It will provide tips for technique, variety and presentation(MD inspired or not), that allow people to use a semi-envirofriendly cooking method for all meals in the summer. Personally, I love any open flame grilling. We all have to eat! Why not preserve indoor coolness(keep the oven and burners off), use more efficient fuels or smokers(wood, natural gas, propane), improve your cooking environment, and maybe just maybe your cooking overall along with Matt Dunigan?


Not sure about where you live, but around here outdoor cooking often isn't considered even semi-enviro friendly, due to the amount of smoke it generates. In fact, we have to have "clear the air days" because the smog is so bad at times. On those days, people are encouraged to cook indoors, not drive, and not use fireplaces.

I do agree that Dunigan should be encouraged to do this type of thing, and so should any other CFLer who wants to. The guy is just trying to make his way through life and make a career for himself. Nothing wrong with that and it gives the CFL nice exposure. He's a decent ambassador for the league IMHO.

on a hot day, slap the meat on the barbie, hand a big magnifying glass over it, and let the sun do your cooking.

I live in Regina where all is clear except maybe a walk down Albert St. in rush hour. Cough, cough!!! Where do you live? Having lived in bigger centers before, what I find is often overlooked about Canadas smaller cities is, it really is nice to be able to breathe and move around when you so desire these luxuries. Would you consider joining us? Don't tell too many people or we'll be in the same boat here!


let us know when you have no noticable mosquitoes, when you can sit outside in the open till the sun goes down in an t-shirt and no repellant, all summer long.

I live in Northern California (South of Oakland). Across the bay from San Francisco. Fifteen minutes from where the Raiders play.

I can't say I know Regina well at all, having only driven through a few times. But I would be proud to live there - it has a pretty good reputation despite being known as flat and cold in the winter.

Recently, my boss, who is an A-plus great guy, mentioned that he had been to Regina and really liked it! He actually talks to me fairly often about Canada as he is really impressed with the country and seems to want to know more about it. I love to entertain him with stories of course, as I have many fond memories of all sorts of places. :smiley:

Dunigan also had a couple of shows about dogs, it was on Animal Planet a couple of years ago. I liked it and he did a great job. Whats the name of this cooking show so I can look for it.

Forget it I clicked on the link above.

Once again catering to the eastern time zone!!! cant watch it its on too early.

I live and die by my Bar-B-Que. Even when its minus 30 in the winter I will still throw a steak on outside. Feel sorry for rpaege having those anti smog restrictions. Only smog up here is from the Campfires and Barbie's! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am pretty sure an ol DL can come in from the West Coast and Kick his A in BBq too.

I like the episode where Matt serves up Crow and Humble pie. Next weeks show is all about the nutritional benefits of dogs and what wine goes best with them.

Just saw his cookbook at Save On Foods for 29.95.

Hey. Its Wednesday. Its 1:47PM. According to the link above, I see Matt Dunnigans show is on today at 2PM.
Think I'll hang around a bit longer to check it out.