Matt Dunigan's new career

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I hope this link works. Essentially he's bbq'ing on the Food Network. I'll have to watch his show. Always been a fan of his both on field and at TSN. And second favorite passion behind

So is he done with TSN?

^^^^ nope, he's doing both shows.

thats the best news I have heard about this whole thing :thup: :rockin:

I find Matt different in front of the Camera. Somthing about the way he holds his head or something. Whatever it is, it seems a little strange to me, but in spite of that, I like him and it wouldnt be the same without him on the panel.

How about Matt sparking up the BBQ at Scott park with the J boys on the ART OF TAILGATING!


A cook that plays like a linebacker?

No...thats a cook with a linebacker mentality!

no matter how you want your eggs, you gonna get them scrambled.

I Google Matt Dungan and got this ..