Matt Dunigan's interview

During yesterdays HOF game they interviewed Matt about a number of being the Hamilton Tigercats. Did anyone else get the idea that Dunigan was promoting himself as coach for the Ticats.

Just the way he came across saying what the Cats needed to be successful, they have the talent...they lack the coaching....not interim coaching...just coaching.

I didn't think that at the time, but now that you mention it....... No. I don't think he was. However, I do think he had (and deservedly so) one too many adult beverages.

When he was in the press box with Cuthbert and Suitor did anyone think he would ever stop talking?
He went on for almost 2 solid plays and what seemed like without even taking a breath; he just talked and talked

Bring Matt to Hamilton as our Offensive Co-Ordinator :thup:

hehehe...yep...probably one too many adult beverages...good thing he didnt ask for a kiss from Cuthbert or Suitor!!

You could certainly do worse than Dunigan as offensive coordinator.

Barresi (sp?)

The list goes on and on...

there were many times this year where I hoped and prayed for Baressi to return.


there were many times this year where I hoped and prayed for Baressi to return.

Too late to get good old Jamie back, he's the RB coach for BC, I had the mis-fortune of listening to him tell some of our fans how our offense "just couldn't grasp his schemes"

We all saw what Matt did in Calgary.....ahem...we don't need that kind of coaching in Hamilton.
Bring Danny Mac back as Offensive Coordinator

matt didnt do any bad coaching in Calgary. His GM decisions might be questioned, although with that ownership, ya cant know for sure to blame him for anything there either. To pass judgement on him based on that is simple minded.

Not to mention Matt had 2 jobs in Calgary. Dunnigan will be a good coach once he gets his next shot.

Nope, I'd take Tom Higgins as a coach over Matt any day. The Stamps made a smart move (I can't believe I'm saying something good about them!!)

In all fairness to Matt, while in Calgary wasn't he wearing 3 hats...GM..Head Coach..OC?

Despite the questionable ownership, I thought he was doing not too bad. Just too much on his plate...too much..too soon.

As for comparing him to Higgins. Higgins has had his share of questionable (somewhat bonehead) calls and decisions. Besides....Dunigan IS available....Higgins ISN'T.