Matt Dunigan/ Reminiscing

How many teams did Matt play for?

I know her stated his career with the Blue Bombers, won the cup in 1995 with the Shreveport Stallions (I did that on purpose 8)) turn Montreal Aloucords, play with BC, coached Calgary last year. Was he involved with any other teams?

He was too undersized to be in the NFL, right?

I looked on the web but didn't find anything, I hope someone from this site can help me out.

1985-???: Edmonton
??? :BC
1991-1992: Toronto
1992-1994: Winnipeg
1995: Birmingham CFL
1996: Hamilton

?-2004: Coached Calgary

'91 He Was The Starter On The Argos With Don Mathews As The Coach.

Birmingham He Played With In '95, He Was The All-Star QB For That Year, And He Was Also The All-Star QB In 1985 With Edmonton.

I thought he played for BC when the Lions lost the cup to Winnipeg....I remember a Lions Qb throwing a last minute interception to Michael Gray to lose the cup. Was I dreamin? Was it Dunnuigan?

Wasn't Tracy Ham the QB when Baltimore won the cup?

I really don't know Ro, acturally I think I'm way off. Still suffering from a hangover last week end.

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Kanga....if this is actually you, I'd like you to show up at the Bombers training camp next year.....I think Buzz and Boomer may have lost their jobs....I think you should jump at it mate..... :lol: :lol:


I LOVE BUZZ AND BOOMER! they can keep their day jobs.

Yes , Matt did play for BC in 88 and did lose the GC game to the Bombers. It was Tracy Ham who played for the Baltimore Stallions , losing the GC in 94 to BC then winning it the following year vs Calgary. He started his carreer with the Esks , not the Bombers.
He was, IMO,one of the best QB's to ever play in this league. Don't think he was too undersized to play in the NFL , he was one tough QB . He was refered to as "the QB with a linebacker attitude" . He was a superb scrambler and when he ran with the ball he took on tacklers head on, no sliding down for him. I think that trait did not appeal to the NFL , he would not have lasted long down there . After awhile his coaches started ask him to take it easy as it was taking a toll on him in his later years.
When he became the starter for the Esks back in 86 he was awesome, he singlehanded killed my Lions when they were still a powerhouse back then. And boy were we happy to see him in a Lions uniform in 88 , but we did have to give up the farm to get him , half our starting defence. But we did not have to give up our players for him for one season after that in a strange kind of a deal.
So we had Dunnigan and our D intact for 88 and after a slow start to the season BC became a real power house and the dominant team that year , except Matt's blunder in the GC game , that is.
The following season the Esks got the 6 players and with Damon Allen at the helm recorded their 16-2 season only to lose in the west final to the 9-9 Riders.
Oh, and Kanga try not drinking so much when you are posting , it's hard to decipher what your trying to say at times.

OK, so

1985-88: Edmonton
1988-?91?: BC
1991-1992: Toronto
1992-1994: Winnipeg
1995: Birmingham
1996: Hamilton

?-2004: Coached Calgary

I'm watching some Winnipeg games I taped last year, they looked so much better uniform wise, I miss that! :cry:

Does anyone know a site where I can buy recorded copies of old games? I'm just curious.

I've also got chips of the Alaska Gold Miners beating the Riders in 1994.

I believe it was the Sacramento Gold Miners.

I know, I call them the Alaska GM's for fun. they may have gone more support up that than in Sacramento if Alaska acturally had a "pro" football stadium.

And for the record, KK, the Birmingham franchise was NOT called the Stallions (Baltimore was), but the BARRACUDAS.

Check Out The CFL Traditions DVD For The Blue Bombers. Not Entirely Sure If It Was CBC Or TSN That Put It On, Try Both. They're Great DVDs And Really Give You A Great Sence Of The Histrory Of The Team.

Tracy Ham was the Edmonton QB in 1989 when they went 16-2, not Damon Allen. I believe Damon was with Hamilton or Ottawa at that time..Dunigan left BC after the 1989 season. Someone named Doug Flutie was there in 1990-91.