Matt Dunigan outstanding analyst

This guy is a hoot. Very entertaining/informative and has great chemistry with Rod Black.

Probably is the most important TSN employee as he is great in studio and up in the press-box

Might even be worth moving to the #1 broadcast team.

I like him better than Forde.

Forde is good, but just so monotone.


Matt's enthusiasm and great points and descriptors also suck off a ton of air-time that Rod Black usually has which results in Rod babbling incoherent stuff and fans despising the broadcast.

Matt has something Forde doesn't have - a willingness to get in and get himself dirty, be a leader on the broadcast. Matt obviously knows Rod Black is a poor play by play guy so he comes in and immediately is announcer MVP. Forde is terrified to cross Black.

I like Matty D but he sounded drunk in the booth the last few times I've listened to him. I know that Access is trolling because Matt was awful today.

Maybe Black got him soused in order to look better!

btw - it didn't work!

As I mentioned in the game thread.

It is not his fault.

He had many concussions during his career and THAT is what you are hearing.

Hope he does not end up with ALS.

He was over the top crazy ..... think Meg Ryan faking it type bad .... he was a home boy today for sure lol

Perhaps our good 'ol boy was allergic to the chemicals in Dieter Brock's hair? :smiley:

He was almost R rated in his emotional enthusiasm .... that's the cleanest way one could describe it lol

I like Dunigan, he gets so excited about things. You could see he was genuine in his appreciation of how Dieter Brock played.

He also makes it alot easier to listen to Black calling the game.

He does an exceptional job eating into Black's air-time! Well done Matthew!!!

Like Matt for Sure. Stegal ( probably spelt wrong) has improved greatly too. Both good men.

Totally agree.

"access_media" ?? Is that a real profile or is it Dunigan's thinly disguised promotion company?

I've posted about my disappointment with Dunigan on the Ti-Cat thread and most there agreed with me. He can be completely uninformative in some games. Just picture him sitting on the couch with you while you watch a game - You'd want to put a gun in your mouth. He's better when he calms down and talks like a real human being.

Dunigan was outstanding on Saturday..... ppl who disagree are just sour rider fans.

Dunnigan was on TSN 1290 this morning and became emotional when discussing how special it was to for him on Saturday. Talking with Dieter and just enjoying the moment. That type of emotion ,intensity and appreciation is all you can ask for from an analyst !

Dunigan was outstanding on Saturday..... ppl who disagree are just sour rider fans.
Trolling Rider fans - how original. Ignore the other posters from other teams ... troll away little child - troll away