Matt Dunigan - Head Linesman for Fridays Game

"Former CFL quarterback Matt Dunigan attended the league's officiating clinic this spring, he arranged to work on referee Jake Ireland's crew during a preseason game. Dunigan, now a TSN commentator, will be the head linesman during Friday's game in Winnipeg between the Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Let's hope nobody is dumb enough to repeat what happened during Friday's preseason game in Vancouver between the B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders."

Don't you mean in Hamilton?

No it's not my quote - I cut and pasted directly from the newspaper The Regina-Leader Post.

According to a Blogspot entry(thanks Rod), Matt Dunigan as head linesman will substitute in once the game gets rolling.

"I'm gonna tap him (head linesman Don Cousens) on the shoulder and take over. Hopefully I'll do as much of the ball game as possible as head linesman. The head linesman's got both sides of the ball, procedure and offsides, encroachment, substitutions, behind the line of scrimmage throws and a lot of responsibilities. I've gotta hopefully mesh with the other six guys on the field and make it happen so people don't recognize me out there..."

It's Jake Ireland's (!) group on Friday. Now we will not only have to watch a sea of rookie players, but also a rookie ref! We all love to comment on Jake in Box J!

The Spec has the story today too. I read it here first at though.

Oskee wee wee on Friday night!

Not so happy to have Jake here but it will be interesting to see how Matt does as a ref .

I think we should get on him just because it's Matt. Even if he does a good job!!

Hey it's all about the love.

I still reminisce about the possibility of the "Dunnigan to Winfield (Praise Be His Name)" TD receptions the year we had him. Of course, the John Jenkins (we dont need any stinking RBs) 6-reciever offence was (mostly) responsible for Golden Boy`s career-ending concussion, but I digress...

Still, he DID play for the blue team, and I cannot forgive him for that... lol

Talk about switching over to the dark side. :smiley: He'll be the best looking ref ever to ref in the CFL though, so that's one good

And the toughest, BHG. Imagine, an Official that plays like a LB...

That’s the funniest thing I’ve read here for a long time!

As for Dunigan as a ref, I say we let him have it. Why not? I’m sure he got angry at refs in his day, well, now the shoe is on the other foot. Plus, it’s only exhibition so even if he does blow a few calls there’s no real harm done.

With the hope those blown calls to not go against us . Lets hope he did not learn from the Jake Ireland school of refs .

What will Matt do next?

Wait, didn't he submit an audition video for Pigskin Matt leading the 'Oskee Wee Wee' cheer?