matt dunigan cooking show

Just happened to tune into the Food Channel, to see what good food looks like and noticed that Dunigan had his own Cooking show. none the less I was totally shocked to see that louisiana Road kill was on the Menu. watched it for a while he's actually not that bad of a cook . I was suprised though that next weeks dish is Randorfs Right arm BBQ'd .

he did nothing for the Lions so maybe he found his calling It wasn't QB 4 the Lions!

An appy fo sure

Yeah, there's not a lotta meat on there.

Ive seen it a few times, the food seems ok but his moaning and "OH BABY!" everytime he does something as simple as add salt gets annoying real fast!

Agreed. Grill shows in general tend to annoy me for much the same reason.

I watched Dunigan's show a few times, but I'd still rather watch Iron Chef America.

I saw it for the first time as well, lots of oooh's and aaah's and the such. wasn't too bad to watch.

Sure keeps himself in shape though, built like a brick poop house.