Matt Dunigan 713 yard game video?

Hi I am looking for videos or clips of Matt Dunigans 713 yard game he had when he was with the Blue Bombers.

Can anyone help me out.


I have highlights from it. The game was not televised, as I recall, but TSN showed clips during a recent game and I managed to grab it. PM me.

The game was not televised? That is odd.
Not even on local or Western broadcasts?

and if TSN showed highlights/clips from that game, does this not entail that the original game was broadcast or at least archived?

It's only fairly recently that every game was televised. Lots of games were never telecast anywhere back in the 1990s and earlier. The footage TSN has of Dunigan's game appears to have been shot by/for local TV so it would have highlights on the late-night news. It's not high-quality footage.

As for archiving, it is to laugh. Thousands of games that were telecast from the dawn of the TV era on were never archived. The networks used to re-use tape, i.e. record more than once on tapes. That's a possible reason why, to give just the most egregious example, the fourth quarter of the 1971 Grey Cup apparently no longer exists anywhere. There is a copy of the game circulating among collectors that includes the game telecast for the first three quarters, then abruptly edits in the official Grey Cup film, including portentous narration, jazzy music and the graininess inherent in film.

The CBC apparently didn't even archive Grey Cup games. Has anybody ever seen the 2005 double overtime thriller anywhere? The game with the longest kickoff return in G.C. history?

Props to TSN for doing as good a job they're doing with promoting the league now!