Matt Dominquez

Dominquez was released today. Says he is 100% and ready to go. Could we use him? Found this on Sportsnet.

Nope. Way too many injury problems.

Couldn't hurt to look at him. He's got more career catches then all the Cats WR's put together. :roll: Imagine if he did stay healthy. Beauty of the CFL is that it cost nothing to take a look.

Awesome if we could get him.
He will land somewhere in the CFL.
The beauty of the CFL teams signing players is the non-guaranteed deals.
If he was not looking for too big of a signing bonus he would be that TRUE #1 receiver that would allow Prechae to be a stud #2.

Dominguez released, but return to Riders possible

By Murray McCormick, Canwest News Service February 13, 2009


...Dominguez was due a large bonus on Sunday, which also included some off-season incentives.

The uncertainty surrounding Dominguez’s rehabilitation
from his latest knee injury contributed to Riders releasing him.

“I’m a veteran and you can see things coming,’’ Dominguez said Friday.

“I’m like a lot of guys at this time of the season . . .
I was due a bonus and some particulars in my contract.

They wanted to re-work my contract and when
they do that, then they have to release you.’’

“This isn’t necessarily the end of the story,
it’s just pushing the pause button on Matt Dominguez,’’

said a Riders source.

His injury wasn’t as serious as what they thought
he had which was a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

During surgery the doctors found that he
only had a torn cartilage and a bone bruise.

The Riders want him to take some physical tests
regarding the injured knee before re-signing him.

This guy's another Lumsden, guaranteed to miss 6+ games due to injury. Avoid!

At 6ft 3 222 lbs -Matt Dominquez is the strong side reciever the ticats have not had since Earl the pearl- ... 5A&index=5

I would rather take a chance on DJ Flick all talk aside. All of the people that upset him are no longer here.

If he's healthy, he's one of the best in the league. It's a no brainer to me--a chance to upgrade yourself significantly without giving up a player. If he can pass a team physical, I'd definitely bring him to camp.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) If he can pass his physical, he will re sign with the Riders in all likelihood.
  That is his first choice of where to play, if he does play  !!!

I think Obie should bring him in. If he's healthy he's one of the best in the game, and he's a great leader-by-example. If he gets hurt, then put him on the 9 game IR and it doesn't affect the cap. What is there to lose? It's not like we've had continuity anyway...

No thanks. "IF he's healthy". That's a BIG if at this point. Whether it affects the cap or not, I'm tired of paying people to sit on the injured list. We need to stop bringing in guys with injury issues. Saying that the injury wasn't as bad as they thought doesn't change my mind. He still required surgery and he's been injured several times over the last few years.

How come when it comes to Lumsden, the majority of people are saying that he's injury prone and don't want to see the Cats waste big money on him?

Now, everyone wants to sign everyone elses sick bay people! We signed Miles last year! That was great! Now people want Dominguez or Stala?!? The chance is too big to take if you pencil them in as a starter and then get hurt!

you guys need another reciever and with the rumors about you taking gauthier from us, and stealing rob murphy, your offense will be set with porter at QB and any of your 3-4 awesome RB's

your defense could be pretty good as well if you signed brandon, or canada and had loescher on the other side (why did he only have 2 sacks last year... thats odd to me)

the reason canadas play declined was because he had mono which caused his enlarged spleen... if he plays, he will be a force next year..

if you signed flick and combine him with prechae and bauman, you will have a solid recieving corps for porter who looked really good last season.... you just need to dump casey to get rid of the cancer, injuries and massive salary, and you guys will be in the play offs nest year if you make these moves

hamilton fans deserve a good team, and you may get it this year

mATT DOMINQUEZ WAS RELEASED ON FRIDAY BY SASK he would look great in black and gold anyone?????

Yes and lets sign Bratton, Flick, Stala and Howell while we're at it!!


old news

oh your right ron sorry i forgot were worried now about resigning jl how cares he's a daddies boy still sucking his thumb he can go visit some other hospital for shoulder surgery this year for all i care

Ok you are really quite something. You're slagging Jesse and saying he needs to find another hospital for his shoulder surgery, while advocating us bringing in Dominguez who has had his knee injured over and over again. Makes lots of sense to me. :roll: