Matt Dominguez?

The fifth last picture, is that Dominguez in the stands?

It sure does look like him but I thought he could get on the side line if he wanted. If he has friends along they may have to stay in the stands and Matt may have been there as well?

do you mean this one?

[url=] ... 334925.jpg[/url]

it was the 4th last when I looked...the 5th last was DD:

[url=] ... 344926.jpg[/url]

Thats him.

I thought he was the receiver coach?

Yeah, I thought I recognized him. It's gotta be pretty tough watching the Roughriders win these kind of games and not being out there playing with them.

He does a sports segments for TV and radio now, so you gotta' be there if you're doing a story on it later.

If I had the choice of a press pass, or a front row seat, I'd take the front row seat anyday. Gonzo journalism anybody?

Field passes are the catz meow!! :smiley:

I loved them.

That's with a Regina high school team I believe. We do get to see him weekly on the local CTV "supper time" news broad cast with Lee Jones, called "xxx's and oooo's with Matt Dominguez". I gotta agree with GS though has to be tough when you could still be playing if it wasn't for bad knees. At least he's still here raising his family and selling real-estate and doing some coaching. We got Crandell in the fold, maybe he'll be there too one day?