Matt Dominguez

Former Riders receiver Matt Dominguez is getting ready for the 2009 season, despite having no one to play for. Yet.

Dominguez told News Talk Radio CKOM in Saskatoon he was able to take eight weeks off without putting any extreme physical strain on his injured knees and thinks it's the best thing he's done since the knee injuries started to pile up.

The Riders released Dominguez a day before the free agent deadline to shed salary and a bonus but that doesn't deter Dominguez from returning to the Riders, if they'll have him back.

"I have a team I want to play for... it's really about the Riders coming forward and saying 'hey we'll bring you back on,' " the six-year CFL vet told the radion station.

Dominguez, who missed 11 games and the West Semifinal with his second knee injury in two seasons, says he was given markers to hit during the off-season and believes he's hit them all.

For now Dominguez doesn't see himself playing for anyone else, "but we'll see how it all works out. I've left all that in God's hands and he's got the best plan for me."

I have always liked Matt as a leader and player
Should we bring him back??

I say yes
Any opinions


We let Bowman go and are looking thin at WR.

He's great when he's on the field. But, unfortunately, that hasn't been the case too often.

I expect they'll find some kind of agreement.

I definitely want them to bring Matt back. I don't want them to pay him huge money, but he can probably still be a force in this league, and to not allow him a training camp would be silly.

I agree Billy. A minimum wage, with performance based bonus contract should be a must for the organization. The guy is still an elite when he is healthy. If he feels he can go again, bring him back. I don't think he would even consider playing again if he wasn't sure he is 100% ready to go.

I have mixed feelings about this. If Matt is healthy and can play, yes, he can be a dominant receiver. And he is only turning 31 this year. But I also want Matt to be able to still walk when he is 40 and I don't want giving him another chance to hurt the team. we have some promising youngsters that won't play if Matt does, and then if the knee gives out mid season, we could be left scrambling. If he will play cheap enough--low base, with some bonuses for performance(playing time), then maybe we do give him a shot. But experience says Matt cannot be trusted to assess his own health, and as a team we did him no favours bringing him back far too early last year. So the question marks are significant. It may just be better to turn the page and move on.

I think bring him back for a base contract with bonus incentives,and of course must pass physical.Matt could be a huge mentor and teacher for all our young up and coming receivers.As well I think the leadership he can bring to the team is definitely need with the lack of seasoned QB(however I expect Durant is going to step up to the challenge).If the price is right the team would be stupid for not bringing him back.I can't see any downside it.(That and I just got his jersey at Christmas)

He did play basketball this summer and his knees handled it
I also agree with the bonus type contract
Just imagine Clermont and Fantuz slots
Dressler and Domingez wide receivers

I hope you meant this winter? Big difference between playing basketball at a non competitive level and playing the violent and knee destroying sport of pro football. I think everyone would love to see Matt play again. The question is, can he? I have my doubts. And the long term issues for his own health and the team need to outweigh the warm fuzzy nostalgic sentiments we all feel towards a class act like Matt. We tried to keep Travis Moore around a year too long when his knees were giving out, and it was painful to watch. Watching Matt at the end of last year made me wince. I don't want to see him just "hanging on". If he can't play at a high level, then retire. Now maybe we give him an exhibition season to prove it one way or the other. But even that might not be fair---to him or the team.

i appoligize it was this winter in the tournament he won with Bowman (can’t remember if i read it here or regina leader post)
So nice outside finally, got seasons mixed up lol
Maybe to simplify things is to clock his speed
I realize speed isnt everything but that would be a starting point

I like MAt like anyone else does.. He's a class act. However if he came were to come back, i'd like to see him get utilized in small ammounts on the field - but more as a leader , and mentor for the the up and comers

if he can go... i hope it doesn't hurt his knees more..

bonuses contract is most likely, and logical

I'd sign Dominguez back IF his knees can take the pounding. IF his knees are wonky, offer him a position with the team. His wisdom would be invaluable to the younger receivers.

I've been wondering, a little, why they didn't do that this year in the offseason because I agree with the general assessment that he is likely done. However I think it comes down to Dominquez not being ready to be sidelined even IF he is out of it for good and I'm not sure he would accept a position on the team that didn't allow him to see field time. From his standpoint (even if it was the incorrect one), if he thought he was healthy and could play again accepting any coaching position would be a kick in the gut. Especially during game time when he had to watch others 'out there' playing when he is sidelined for good.

If we do get him back on the roster I will be happy, to an extent, but I agree that at face value it's too much of a risk too take especially when we're trying to develop another receiving core. If nothing else, I don't envy Matt's position right now.

well so much for him being invited to camp
disappointed but could see it

good luck to you Matt

Cleared to play even after his 4th partial re-construct......and played pretty well too, beat coverage twice in the end-zone only to have Bishop make two brutal throws....oh well.

What amazes me is Matt's desire and confidence in himself to still play the game, I couldn't go through months and months of rehab and eager anticipation only to blow my knee out again......Then repeat the process THREE more times......WOW!

Matt is a rare example of human spirit.
Matt deserves one last shot.
I'd bring him back.

Well it was official on TSN, Matt Dominguez will "NOT" be invited back to Riders training camp. This is BS. What is the harm in bringing a guy to see how his knees are and if they're decent give him a bonus ladend contract. I hope this changes cuz its been a steady stream of bad news out of riderville this entire off season so bringin back a fan favourite would be nice.

Make that 2 off seasons. This championship team has been gutted faster than anything I have seen at professional fish derbies.

I would struggle to accept "gutted". Let's look at this a little bit objectively:

  1. Our receiving corps today is better than it was 2 years ago - our slots are the deepest in the league (and 3 of 4 are NI's) and we have promising youngsters at WR.

  2. Our o-line is younger, better and deeper than it was 2 years ago.

  3. RB - the position is basically intact from 2007, with the addition of Foord. And Charles, in limited time last year, showed flashes and I hope he sticks.

  4. Kicking - unchanged.

  5. QB - a drop, or at least far more uncertainty here.

  6. D-line - Hard to say. Chick, Chunky and Schultz are all around from '07. Some of the more interesting camp battles will be waged here, I would guess.

  7. LB - A drop, with the loss of Mo and Anton. We'll see how Rey and whoever fill the void.

  8. Secondary - Equal at worst. ED, Frazier and Omarr are all still around and solid. If Patrick plays safety, he's the best player we've had at that position in forever. If we can find a field corner we're happy with from the 5-6 NI's vying for the spot, we'll be fine. The loss of Johnson is not a huge deal as he'd basically lost his starting job last year anyway, and I have not been high on Gordon for the last 2 years.

So, 2 offseasons ago we traded Joseph, and this year we lost 2 LB's to free agency, weakening those two areas of the team. Other than that, yes, there have been player movements, but "gutted" isn't an apt description when you look at it.

O.K. Filletted maybe a better description. But there were some head shakers that I don't think we will recover from this year, in terms of productivity, wins & losses. Plus those not welcomed back were dealt to the West team(S). What the heck is that???? Eskies are going to be dangerous this year, and in no small part thanks to Mr. Tillman. He seems to have built another winner, to bad it's not for the team that pays him to sit at home. Just seems like a mess to me. Time to deal with things and move on.

I agree its not a gutting, but when u lose your QB and two of your best linebackers....thats a little worse than an o lineman and a couple of DB's. Those two spots are the most important on both sides of the ball. It's like taking away a starting pitcher in baseball or a goalie in hockey. Its not completly fatal but we are bleeding.

The damn media all they focus on is our lack of QB experience! they fail to see our depth at receivers, O-Line, RB's Dline and Secondary.. oh GOD, we're DOOOOMED!!

I feel very confident in Durant.. and I wish you guys would start too!