Matt Dominguez released

According to Rogers Sportsnet Matt Dominquez has been released by Saskatchewan.

Appears so.
Having said that, that's one thing that i detest about the CFL.
Going on the cheap and releasing players when their bonuses are due. And it's not like these are the overpaid bums in the other leagues and we are are talking million dollars like bonus. In Dominguez its probably like Glenn's $50,000 and he is the next to go on or before March 1.
I hope the players union will deal with this.

contracts are not guaranteed so don't bother!

Perhaps they can come to some sort of deal which allows the CFL to suspend players longer than 1 game as well, come to some sort of middle ground which guarantees the players a little bit of money.

I was expecting that to happen seeing he has had injury problems and a reported healthy contract. He could still help a team if he can stay injury free. I think teams hold on to players like Dominque to see if they can squeeze a draft choice out of another team. I expect the discision to cut him loose was made a long time ago because of the SMS. There is no room for sentiment unfotunately when there is a hard cap.

If true, I want to wish Matt all the best in the future and thank him for all the hard work he has shown the Riders.