Matt Dominguez Re-Signs With Saskatchewan

Don't look for Ticats to Sign Matt Dominguez
Eric Tillman believes Matt Dominguez's football career will continue in Saskatchewan. Tillman says he is cautiously optimistic that Dominguez will stay saying its something the receiver wants to do.

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I think Miles is just as good as Dominguez anyway. And if we don't get Miles, I'm sure Obie will bring some rook WR ringers into camp.


Darn it.!

Come on Tony!!

It's a done deal...

I'm not suprised with this signing.

He looked happy as a Rider.

Told you it was going to happen

Anybody know what kind of contract Geroy Simmon is playing with in B.C. Could he be had for the number one pick over all and Julien Radlien? And do we think he would fit here with Casey?

This year + an Option I believe for Geroy

Quick get Ralph back. :lol: :lol:

We trade our half decent players away in hopes of landing a big free agent.

Thelwell signed with Calgary last year
Dominguez resigns with Ssk

We are going to be pathetic if this keeps up.

Armour won't be back!
Anderson signed with Calgary!

Obie has all these guys he wants but A) He hasn't gotten anyone of significance yet and B) We have good players here who we need to sign

but do we really want miles? We have a guy like him in French?

We need a big, speedy WR. I thought we had this with Talman Gardner but I guess not!

You are correct, IF! We need someone here who can fill the role for years to come. Not a temporary fix. We also need to set up for the future and bringing in a older guy like miles and keeping french makes little sense to me.

Dominguez would've been perfect, 29 yrs old, and still 6 productive years left.

I love to see him back but i don't see it
They Released him near the end of the season.