Matt Dominguez out for season?

I was watching sportsnet and they reported he has a torn acl and is likely out for the season, is this true? This would be a huge blow for sask, hate to see anyone go down with a acl injury.

already a thread for this

I hope he's not out for the season or all we're gonna hear from Riders' fans is how Dominguez would have made a difference when they lose and because I like Dominguez. He's a quality receiver.

Sorry Eskimos32001..It's only news to me up to 5mins ago.

Of course Dominguez makes a difference, he's one of the top receivers in the game. But teams, including the Riders, have to play through injuries (which includes injuries to top-flite guys). For example, Calvillo got hurt last playoffs and Montreal lost. not because Calvillo got hurt, but because they didn't have a capable back-up to replace him.

An injury should never be used as an excuse for a loss but it can be used for hope for the future. I hate when fans speculate what would have happened if so and so was there; but in the end it doesn't matter because he wasn't there and you don't get points for what would have happened.

the riders are probably gonna bring in Moore, and thats not bad IMO, cuz Moore is pretty good

Moore is pretty good, moving on in age but good nonetheless.

I'm glad my Ticats could help the Lions, Eskimos, Stampeders and Blue Bombers.

For payment we'll take Casey Printers, Joe Montford, John Grace, and Charles Roberts. :mrgreen:

HA HA... good one Dave... we can't send ya Casey... but ya can have Duncan O'Mahony if ya want :lol:

The riders will take O'Mahonay, you can have no chin Paul

which reminds me, what is with the Calgary punter and having his chin strap on his neck. I seriously hope he gets earholed, maybe knock some sense into him

i am crying right now because of the mighty riders loss of a good reciever. good thing i didn't pick him on my pick 10 challenge this week. I would hate to be hamilton, because the next game in taylor field, the riders are gonna come out with revenge on their mind

All good points, but the Riders have depth on their side, kinda nice when you can bring in Travis Moore who, until now, has been sitting in the stands. Matt and Kenton are missed a lot, but the rest of the Green and Whites WILL step up their game.

Dominguez is out for the season. Loosing Domiguez is going to hurt the Riders bad whether Moore is the replacement or not. His leadership on and off the field is not measurable and he is probably the best rounded receiver in the league (with his size, blocking, stiff arms, hands, and speed).

Even though the Riders have ridiculous depth at this position, I bet that this injury probably took the hopes away of the Riders ever having a chance at 1st place in the West this year.

Don't get me wrong, I have hope for my Riders just as much as any other fan, and I know that he is only one player, however, Nealon will probably hurt a little more now since his go to guy is out. The RIders are still a very good ball club but just got knocked down a notch.

The Ti-Cats did nothing to purposly injure Dominguez, it was just part of the game.

its not the end of the world. Riders will still be one of the top teams in the West. No worries we still have Thurmon and Moore. The season does not rest on one guy. Everyone thought the same when Nealon went down in the first game last year......look how well they did.

I heard probably 4-6 weeks for Dominguez, which isn't terrible. In that time we will be able to see some of the guys at WR who haven't played this year yet. The Riders have so much depth at WR you couldn't touch the bottom if you tried. We'll get to see guys like Karsten Bailey, Travis Moore, Jamal Richardson, Tounkara Ibrahim step up and show us what they've got. Jamal Richardson started a few games last season and played very well I thought. Dominguez getting injured is a tough pill to swallow I know, but sometimes there's a bright side to the story. We'll get to see some receivers who otherwise wouldn't have seen the field show us their talents. Who knows there could be another Matt Dominguez in the bunch.


sorry rider fans!

Jeremy, on Global Sports last night Dominguez himself said he was likely out for the season. He's gonna try to be back for playoffs, but there's no guarantee - his words. There is no 4-6 weeks.

.......thats not good to hear.......Dom was a valuable player to you guys.....sorry to hear about it........

MD is not gone for the season, Not yet... check or and for that matter, no news.

An ACL injury is tough, but he walked off the field did he not?? not completely torn... if it was he wouldn't have been able to walk off.

If its sprained 3 weeks, slight tear 6...

how ever he is very smart in the fact that the Riders have so much depth that he will be like Nealon last year and if he's not 100% or the team is playing well then he might aswell play safe and wait till next year to get a fresh go.

paper said today that Matt wants to be back for the Nov 5th game in BC. He will have surgery as soon as the swelling subsides.
Also we are losing week ones defencive player of the week Ladouphous McCalla for this game, with a hamstring injury. oh and Keith is still out. Whatever though we will still beat the Arrgooooooss

and Jeremy its Ibrahim Tounkara, not Tounkara Ibrahim.