Matt D back with Riders

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YAY! Some good news for a change!

Definately good news!

Woot Matty D's back for 3!

if he signed for 3 years it means you will only get a 1 1/2 out of him cause he seems to miss half the season with his glass body

oh well half the contract is more than enough

1 1/2 will still be better than 3 full years of anyone the 'Smoes have...

I’m surprised by the signing, I agree with Corny on this one… he is a great receiver, when he is the lineup.

I don't know what is surprising about this.
Matt lives in Regina, he and his family like it here, and he has never made any bones about the fact that, all other things being equal, he wanted to remain a Rider.
And when he is healthy, he is one of the best.
Sure his knees are somewhat of a question mark.
But think of it this way...had he become a free agent, every team in the league had his number on speed dial...but it surprises you that we would resign him?

With a healthy Matt, we have a trio that stacks up with the "big three" that are in both Winnipeg and BC.

Yes Bionic man is back and it is wonderful!

bleh that leaves our options to Tony Miles, or Trevor Gaylor

take gaylor cats!! hes a keeper

is anyone surprised, really?

i never doubted he would re-sign with the riders for a moment.

I am not surprised that he resigned but I hope that it is to a contract with a lower base salary than the $185,000 he had previously, but with good incentives to bring him back up to that level. That would be fair for the riders and for Matt.

I think the real interesting question was when he was asked if he took a pay cut and he responded by asking is it really a pay cut when you want to be there, your family is happy there, and you’re on a winning team?

Classy guy and I’m super happy to have him back.

dust...just curious but what was the interesting question?..that would have been an interesting answer.

Yes Matt D is a great receivers for half the season and the other half he is about as productive as a maniquin running for passes. But really this is a good signing as long as he can stay healthy for once.

good signing by the riders...