This guy is a keeper.

He can catch the ball. (Which Bauman can't do)
He can stretch the field. (Which Bauman can't do)
He can play special teams. (Which Bauman can't do)

Sorry Chris. :smiley:

P.S. Sam Fournier is a beast on special teams, much better than Darcy Brown.

I agree, Carter is looking really good so far.

He was a 1st round pick by BC

He been a real good signing

Why exactly did B.C. release him again?

I agree with everything you said about Carter. He has speed, and has shown he can catch it, making me wonder why he wasn't used as much earlier.

He had 71 rec. yards tonight, more than any receiver other than McDaniel tonight. And I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

And it was good to see what Fournier could do as well.

Family issues I believe and he wanted to return close to his parents home (Oakville)

I agree, release Bauman. :thup:

You're welcome.

Thank You.

Now give us Davis Sanchez and Ryan Phillips.

like you had anything to do with it


Oh, where are our manners?

We'd also like to thank you for Knowlton and Floyd. :wink:


His mom was not well and Wanted to be Closer to Home.

Hell you can have Matt Morencie too.
It's not like we really need an Offensive line.
They just clutter the QBs vision.

Don't forget Jamall Johnson

Jamal Johnson was a free agent when we signed him after he got cut from the NFL. But yea, he is a former lion.

As for Morencie, he is our future centre, so yea thanks for him too.

Oh and Jerome Dennis is a former lion.


And we only had to give up Dennis Haley, who was cut by BC before the start of the season, to get him.