Matt Carter

...Bombers are talking with Carter....I thought he was going to sign in the hammer.... but apparently he hasn't decided definitely,according to the Free Press....I know he was lions property at one time....but does not want to return there....hmmmmm interesting..There seems to be an 'abandon Wally' movement taking :lol:

He signed according to the Hamilton Spec with The Ticats

....according to this mornings Wpg. Free Press ...Bombers are talking with him......hmmmmm someones got their wires crossed...I don't know why a player would be in discussions with another team if he's already signed somewhere ....?????we'll see... :roll: :roll:

Something is going down with the Bombers, Franklin out 8 weeks with a leg injury, and they trying to move Hargreaves.

...Does anyone know if Carter has 'officially signed' with the Cats...??????? :roll:

…hmmmmmm Bauman for Hargreaves.??? :roll: :roll:

This site still lists him as a free agent.

Ya, Obie will trade a former number one overall pick who has started many games in the CFL for a player who hasn't made it off the Bomber bench in two years!

And good luck trading for Bradwell. He looked great in the Argos last game. If you really want him, it will cost you.

For once, I agree with you.

...and according to our paper... Carter has not officially signed on with anyone....someone on your site got a little over excited....UNLESS the Free Press has got it wrong.....who knows.....

...there's a lot of 'dislike' for Bauman in Catville....maybe obies willing to deal... and afterall ...he did trade Moreno for Canada at one time. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Would not be the first time that the Ticats hurt themselves by being presumptuous of a player signing... Something strange about Carter being allowed to walk like that. Obviously Wally dosen't think he's ready to be part of the 46, so if he signs somewhere else what are his expectations?

I think Ticats are a little disapointed at the slow progression of Bauman but they can't afford to give him up. In fairness to Bauman, he's been coached by Taffe when he first got to Hamilton...

Carter will likely sign with Hamilton, as he needs to be close to his family in Missisauga, Ontario. There is an illness in the family and this is why he was released from BC. If he signs with Winnipeg, than he just took Buono for a ride.

Maybe he's using Winnipeg to get the best possible deal.

Could be, and I think Obie should and has or will go for it too. Bauman's disappointing at the moment, maybe we could sit Bauman for a while to get himself together and play Carter. That's probably why we're interested in him. can only keep so many guess is IF the hammer signs Carter.....Baumans days are numbered... :wink:

If we were going to boot a N/I WR, which I highly doubt, it wouldn't be Bauman, it'd be Corey Grant.

.......No.. i think you should make a deal for Bauman with the BigBlue....he'd be closer to home...just like Carter would be for you guys.....then everyone's happy :wink:

Lol, let's say that we were to trade. What do you think the blue would offer us?

.....don't know for sure right now.....but i think we could work=out something this season progresses...the needs could vary...... :wink: