Matt Carter coming to the Hammer

According to the scrathing post the 5th overall pick is headed our way. What do we know about this Canadian boy?

Sounds like the Lions expected Carter to return to BC after he took care of his "personal business."

Buono will not be happy.

This kid is very athletic. He will help us. Excellent signing.

The Ticats are being very vigilant about adding quality players to the roster as they become available. First it was Jamaal Johnson, now it's Matt Carter. Obie is doing a great job.

Agreed Obie is bringing in some good players. There seems to be a much different feel among these guys.

What happened with this guy was he cut, is he really that good, how come were getting him. :?

This kid is a great receiver!

Once he gets up to speed with our play book I think he has the tools to be a starter in this league. He is very quick, has good hands, and like someone above said he is very athletic.

Excellent Signing!

Watch out Bauman, his free ride is over, he better start to produce soon or he might find himself riding the pine or even worse traded...

Taken from Drew's Blog...

Slotback Matt Carter, the fifth overall pick in the 2009 Canadian college draft from Acadia, [b]left the team on the weekend "for personal reasons," Buono said.[/b] Carter was offered a spot-on the practice roster before the start of the season.

"It was a very legitimate personal reason," Buono said of Carter, who was returned to Mississauga, Ont., where his parents live. "It was a very unselfish thing for him to give up this opportunity. He was one injury away from getting put on the roster."

I hope the text in Bold helps answer some of your questions...

Nice pickup for Hamilton.

But you got to ask. What the hell is going on in BC ?

So if we sign Carter who do the Cats let go?

i'm assuming we now say bye bye to Corey Grant.

That is who I would say has to go..

Bauman played an awesome game against BC on Friday. He made a couple tough catches but it was his run blocking that was amazing. He helped spring Cobb on more than one occasion.

I really like Bauman and don't understand why everyone has a hate on for this guy. He gets spot duty and plays well when he's in there.

I think it is because at times Bauman seems a little scared to go for the pass, he doesn't always run into the ball, he doesn't seem to jump for it, for fear of being decimated, while no one wants to get crushed its still a position where that is sometimes required. I still like Chris Bauman, he will come out of his shell. I don't think this signing spells the end for him, he did play strong against BC, he just needs to learn to close them hands around the ball, a problem seemingly growing throughout the CFL this season.

This could be an insurance policy because of the status of Dave Stala's injury. They say it's precautionary that could be smoke and mirrors and maybe not.

In the game against B.C., Chris Bauman was a non-factor in the receiving department (1 catch for 7 yards) but, as Tiger_Dirt noted, he did make a few nice blocks.

If the Ticats continue to use four imports on the defensive line, they will continue to require one starting non-import receiver and a second one in five receiver sets. As noted by Kellic, Dave Stala's foot injury plays a role here. If Stala recovers from his injury quickly enough to play against Winnipeg next Saturday, then Stala and Bowman will be the two non-import receivers. However, if Stala is not ready, it would make sense to move Corey Grant on to the active roster and place Matt Carter on the practice roster for the time being.

8) You're probably right there !! Stalla definitely had a foot injury, and knowing his past with those said type of injuries, he could be out for a while !!!
   Only time will tell, but any type of foot injury with Stalla is not a good sign at all  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Corey Grant is already on the active roster. Currently, there is one open spot, for a non-import , on the practice roster where I expect they will place Carter once he officially signs with the Ticats.

Looks like a good signing regardless.
One thing I have learned about Obie is that he sure is on top of things. And when he passes on …or releases a player…it’s for a good reason. Even though we may scratch our heads for a while up here in the peanut gallery.

Great news! I was hoping Hamilton was going to draft Matt Carter. He can play and makes Hamilton a better team.

mightypope wrote:

Corey Grant is already on the active roster. Currently, there is one open spot, for a non-import , on the practice roster where I expect they will place Carter once he officially signs with the Ticats.
Yes, I see now from the CFL transactions page that Grant was transferred to the active roster on Jul 9/09 and was actually one of the 42 players dressed for the game but did not record a catch. Thanks, mightypope.