Mathiews musta called in that play!

What did you think of Brady's fake punt?

Yeah, that made me think of The Don too! :slight_smile:

I liked the gadget play. Thorpe must have designed it but I don't know if he or Popp was responsible for calling it. Regardless, it was well-timed and well-executed. Particularly since Brady had been punting last week so it was fairly innocuous to see him come in to kick.

I fell for it....I believe it was soon after Duval missed the field goal. I said to myself "Oh Oh Popp is pissed!"

...I thought it was a brilliant play...we've done it to others so the 'justice' factor was totally there....a very sharp play at the time...given how coniving our ST unit is I'm surprised our guys weren't better prepared for it...

Speaking of play calling. Is it my imagination or was Calvillo calling his own plays again? Sure seemed like it to me.

I was wondering too. A couple of times, it looked like he did not even glance at the sideline and went straight to his armband.

Awesome fake by the Als on the punt as well.

I think Bellefeuille might give him 5 plays or something, and Calvillo chooses which play to run of those 5.

It was about time. this is only the second fake play in the season, but this time, it worked. (First time being the offside kick on the previous game))

those play fakes make the game exciting and makes the opposite team on their heels.

that was a great call as they were in the middle of the field.