Mathieu Girard out of retirement to try to fill some shoes on the O-Line

HMMMMMM, is this why we traded Bomben?

3 year deal! :slight_smile:
Girard can long snap also!

A Montreal boy back with the Cats. Good on the Cats.
Guessing they made it worth his while as he supposedly retired to go work in his field of study.

Great news! He was solid when he filled in at C when Filer was hurt.

This is a great pick up. We had a great draft, signed all our free agents, picked up a kicker who is proven, coaching staff set and the players all seem very happy with the situation.

It all depends on what you thought of the team at the end of last year. If you thought that team was good enough to win a Grey Cup, then 2018 is looking great. If you thought that team needed a few more pieces, then you're real worried about this year. We signed exactly 1 free agent with CFL experience (a kicker).

This and Landon Rice etc. When exactly can everyone stop whining about Bomben ?
Seriously, when?

Agreed. We now have 6 quality Canadian OL to play 3 spots, which of course doesn't include Everton Williams. The career PR guy.

I guess his preferred field of study is the football field now! :wink:

Sorry when he retired, delighted that hes decided to come back, good hard nose player. ;D ;D

You think Austin departure could also play a role in this return?! Anyways great news

Fantastic sign by the Cats!

Girard can play any interior position upfront for
us, as well as long snap, as mentioned above!

Mathieu played DT at l'Universite de Montreal prior to turning
pro, this never hurts to keep in the back pocket, although not likely at all,
i do remember in 2009 when Matt Kirk had to suit up and play both ways
due to injury.

Excited to see our offensive line this year, can honestly say that for the first
time in the better part of a decade...


This is a big signing for the Cats ! When Girard is up to speed, he gives us a plug and play guy for years to come . The OLine just got a lot better .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I wonder what changed his mind? He was set to make $100K a year at his IT job. Maybe that didn't pan out as expected and he missed football.

Job already outsourced for half of what he makes then told he has to train his replacement as well. ?

Been there!! Bastards???