Mathieu Bertrand Released By Edmonton

Time flies and Bertrand is already 35 but I would consider him. Good an special teams, short yardage, and a character guy.

And he would be an asset marketing wise.

Nope, he walked out on the Als who had drafted him. I'd rather we keep Deidrick. Loyalty has to count for something.

But that was a long time ago, statute of limitations has run out.

He settled in Edmonton, but I`m sure he wants to continue his career or they would have announced it as a retirement.

C'est la vie mon ami :wink:

Le quart-arrière Mathieu Bertrand a quitté le camp des Alouettes samedi. Il a évoqué des raisons personnelles. Il rejoindra possiblement les rangs du Rouge et Or de l'Université Laval.


Bertand a mentionné plus tôt au cours de la semaine qu'il ne voulait pas demeurer avec l'équipe comme quart-arrière substitut. Il préférait retourner pour finir ses études universitaires et évoluer une autre saison avec le Rouge et Or

You mean if Trestman is fired by the Bears after the 2013 season, you won`t take him back! No heart! :smiley:

HFX: could be wrong but, I believe that M Bertrand was a sixth draft choice by the Als who dropped him before Edmonton picked him up.

You are partly right. We drafted him and he complained during his first week of camp that he was not going to be a QB and asked for his release. So he walked out on the team after a week or so in camp. So the following year he went to the Eskimos had a great run there as a ST player but now is 35 so why would we want him now ? Had he not walked out on the team he could have had the same run in Montreal. I’d rather we give the job to a young guy or a veteran like DD who played his earth out for Montreal and is about the same age and same ability. But that’s just me.

How many years ago was that?

I say bring him to TC if he wants to come. If he wins a spot, great. If not, he goes.

Nope, just like I didn't want Maciocia or Taffe, Bellefeuille back. Jones is an exception as he was passed over twice so would have been correcting a wrong IMO.

Nothing wrong with a little competition in TC.

He was well liked in Edmonton and they cut him...

Why bring a 35-year-old in to be an ST body? We can do better...

If he wasn't French Canadian would anyone here want him ?

He was a 5th round pick in 03. This was a good draft. We got Dave Stala, Botterhill, Kerry Carter and Kari Kari. Our number 1 pick was Andrew Noel, a big and fast receiver from the East Coast-he unfortunately demonstrated he could not catch.

Exactement. J'ai beaucoup de sympathie pour Bertrand qui a peut-être manqué de sagesse dans sa prime jeunesse (comme à peu près tout le monde), mais je ne vois aucune utilité à l'équipe pour aller le chercher.

Il contribue sur les unités spéciales? Nous avons Townsend et Ridgeway. C'est pas vilain, comme duo canadien.

Il peut courir, attraper et bloquer? Nous avons Lavoie qui le fait très bien aussi.

Je suis d'accord avec HfxTC. On n'a pas besoin de Bertrand. Je crois qu'il va se trouver du boulot en Alberta. Il y est depuis longtemps, sa famille est établie là-bas, ce sont des choses qui vont entrer dans la balance.

Good question. Probably not. Along with the other Bertrand qualities I mentioned, his Quebecois background is a big factor.

But I want to see the Alouettes become more important in the province`s sports landscape.

The suggestion is not guaranteed contract but an invite to TC. That will show whether or not for this season they could do better or not.

You have to give him a contract to invite him to training camp and one of 72 roster spots. We have 75 guys under contract now plus up to seven draft picks (who don't count) and K.Parker who we drafted last year out of Oregon. That's 80 players. If your going to bring in a 35 year old bring in Anwar Stewart instead of a guy who walked out on us.


I think Cfl rules state no more than 96 players on the roster for TC. we are over that or close to it already. Players will be cut before TC starts, so sign as many guys as you want and make the determinations just before TC.