I was at the game on Friday and here are my two cents from what I saw from Mathews:

  1. He has a rocket of an arm, and,

  2. Like most rookies, he tended not to work through his progressions but targeted one receiver each passing play.

My seats are in the fifth row behind the visitor bench so I get a good feel for the speed of the game (when the play is close to the 30 yard line) but I miss that overall sense of how plays unfold, especially in the other end of the field. I haven't had a chance to watch the game again PVR so I'm curious to hear what others thought of Mathews' play.

Mathews' tendency to telegraph passes makes the number of completions all the more impressive and speaks to his arm strength. I know that Sask's D isn't the same as facing Edmonton or Calgary but I was still impressed with his ability to thread the needle.

I think this kid has great potential and with Bomben and Fantuz expected back he has an impressive supporting cast.

definitely agree with number 1 and i'd add he has great accuracy on the deep passes.

#2 I sit in 103 row 7 and I couldn't tell if he was staring down receivers my eyes suck ever since I hit 40 lol

#2 - The commentors mentioned that he had improved on progressing through his reads. He also showed greater maturity in throwing the ball out-of-bounds to either avoid a sack or INT.

I definitely thought he made some smart choices throwing it away to avoid sacks or INTs.

After this past game, I think he has the potential to do more than just manage the game. Some of the completed passes to Underwood and Tasker were unbelievably good football.

As I said (tongue firmly planted in cheek) in the Kiss the Witches thread:

Zach who?

His accuracy and mechanics are definitely world class. Not sure why he wasn't scooped by the NFL. Seems like a no brainer to me, but, contrary to popular belief perhaps the NFL talent evaluators actually have a brain. Their loss is our gain.

Look out QB controversy, here we come....


Um, he had one good game against the worst team in the league. I think Zach's job is secure for now.

I guess you missed the part where I planted my tongue in my cheek? :roll:

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Were you joking when you wrote, "His accuracy and mechanics are definitely world class"? I thought you were serious on that point (I'm the kind of dummy who needs people to say or write "but seriously" so I know when the joking is over).

I thought Matthews accuracy was quite good (Better than Glenn's!) for the second start of his career. I don't think anyone seriously thinks Zach won't be our No 1 on his return but I'd go so far as to say Matthews is the equal of LeFevour.

Oh yeah he's good. Hes got all the tools just needs to iron out the rough spots like any rookie. How far and fast he progresses remains to be seen.

There is nothing more dangerous than the written word. Unfortunately without hearing the author say the words a lot is lost in translation. (No I don't think you are a dummy).

Several of JM's throws were laserlike in their accuracy. 6 inches either way and the ball would have been picked. This is what I define as world class.


Congratulations to Jeff Mathews on another victory, some great passes for a rookie who looks more like a seasoned veteran playing against Montreal.

Overall great team victory for the Cats, offence, defence and special teams. Great catches by Tasker, especially that over the shoulder highlight reel catch and Sinkfield with some great catches and for the TD.

A few tough plays against the Montreal defence, which is a veteran defence and Mathews held his own with an efficiency of 85% pretty darn good.

Mathews keeps getting better game by game and putting up the stats.


ABSOLUTELY!!! And some TSN "analyst experts" would have had us giving up the farm to trade for KG who's QB efficiency in the first half today was about 28%!!!!! :roll: Would he have been better than Mathews against the larks D??? NO!
Austin knows HIS players and what they can accomplish! :thup: :thup:

Just for greater clarity: Mathews had a completion percentage of 84% today, and a passer efficiency rating of 125.6, slightly down from 136.6 last week.

Glenn had a completion percentage of 59%, and a passer efficiency rating of 51.9 - up from ~28 in the first half (according to someone's calculation), and from 47.9 when he played against us last week. He has not exceeded 100 in a game since July 10, in 7 starts.

Saw the passer efficiency ratings (courtesy of Fender Guy) at half time and posted them on the GDT and was just going to post the game final ratings but you beat me to it! :smiley: TOTALLY can not believe the number of people who were second-guessing Austin's decision to stick with Mathews when Zach went down. REAL head-scratcher.

team needs to take a couple down field shots. I don’t think Matthews attempted more than 3 passes of more than 15 yards.
grinded out and managed a win which is great. Needs to add to this and keep improving to get back to the cup which undoubtedly is the goal of this years team.
Matthews gets a B plus for his game today IMO.

Nobody was open downfield, nor did Mathews have much time in to pocket all game. You have to give Montreal's defence credit - they make things very difficult for deep passes.

Good point, and not just Montreal's defence but both defences played well and kept the game close, the only difference was Mathews and his ability to find the receiver and thread the needle, he threw a few laser like strikes between the defender and the Cat players caught the ball unlike Kevin Glenn who threw well he just didn't get the catches from the Al's receivers, lots of dropped balls.

Jeff Mathews looked good and getting better game by game and he has a great group of receivers who can catch the ball and good lineman upfront to provide the blocks.


Austin & Condell knew the Montreal offence wasn't going to score many points so they only way they could beat us is if we beat ourselves with turnovers. So there's nothing wrong with conservative play calling (all the runs on 2nd and 4) and telling Mathews to take the underneath throws or run it himself if downfield wasn't wide open.
And he did that perfectly.

I’m surprised that no one has yet congratulated him on the first win in Montreal since 2002… I have to say that I was a little worried on what the outcome was going to be based on the history, and the other 2 meetings with the Als this season. I was very relieved to see the team play as well as they did, and to finally come out with a win in MTL.

Great job Mathews, keep up the good work and take us forward.

Right now KA is being methodical about each game. If we get a lead and our D is playing well, he isn't going to put Matthews in a spot to make the big mistake. This team is good enough to win a bunch of games on D and ST. You saw the same approach in the Calgary game, and no doubt will see it again. Then when it matters and Matthews has a bunch of reps under his belt KA will have to turn him loose and live or die with the result.