Mathews.. and other injuries

Page was inserted into the lineup because of his speed primarily to cover Chris Williams. Of course Argos do have Diontae Spencer who is a fast little player as well as Owens who may see more action with Ray in at QB, so keeping Page on the roster to cover them would be advantageous IF he is healthy.

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Other #TIcats injury notes: DB Cleshawn Page isn’t practicing & WR Terrell Sinkfield sat out some reps. #CFL

hope he is just tired :frowning:

The secondary will not have a chance if they can't disrupt - sack - hurry Ray or Harris. They didn't create a whole lot of pressure against BC, or both games against Ottawa. The front 4 have to step up and create some good old fashioned pressure without having to blitz. I am not sure if these guys have anything left in the tank considering the outcome of the last 3 games. The last game against Ottawa the defence looked overwhelmed and very much outplayed. I hope this is not the case for Sundays game. It could be over real early..................

so its Masoli over Harris than. may as well since he needs the experience and he would be the starter against the BUMCRACKS next week

Fantuz is not a wide out period. You can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Fantuz is a classic inside man with great hands and not too much speed. As much as I like Grant, Austin was an idiot to sit Ellingston and play Grant last year. There is no comparison to talent speed and catching ability along with player attitude. Sometimes I don't like the idea of Austin having the final say on everything........good coaching is taking the advice from other position coaches with an objective view. I don't see this with Austin..

No coach goes without criticism. I think Austin has done a great job in his tenure at Hamilton. 3 years, 2 Grey Cup appearances, semi final Hosts this year without our star quarterback. About a month ago when they played in Montreal he was looking like a genius for recruiting Mathews. We still got a shot this year!

Hi wildcat

Agree on Fantuz, disagree on Ellington. Austin didn't sit Greg he had injuries that kept him out. 2 years in a row he was hurt, Grant is an iron man with this year being his first to miss time.

And isn't it ironic that Grant was injured this season and Ellingson wasn't? Nice for Ellingson - not so much for BG. Much as I liked Ellingson and would like to have seen him remain, I understand why Austin let him walk. He wasn't lacking in talent on the receiving corps (which is why GE couldn't get back into the lineup when he was healthy again) and brought in a couple of other good ones this season in Toliver and Underwood.

Does anyone know anything about Toliver's injury and if/when he might play again?

Apologies for being late to this ...

Toronto has forced 25 fumbles while recovering 15 of them. League averages are 21 FF's & 12.33 FR's. In comparison, Hamilton has forced 22 & recovered 11.

As far as fumbling ... Hamilton has fumbled 27 times and lost 18 of them. League averages are again 21 & 12.33 as far as fumbles and fumbles lost.

Toronto has had a major turnaround in this area from last year to this year. (Insert Chad Owens joke/observation here). They've only fumbled 15 times and lost 6 of them this year compared to 32 fumbles with 25 lost last season.

Since Ellingson is a virtual clone of Tasker, I can see why Grant played and Greg didn't. Grant is taller, faster, and stronger, meaning that his downfield and LOS blocking are valuable commodities in a receiver. To top it off, Bakari probably had the same pass-catching ratio as Greg, but he has a MUCH larger catching radius.

Face it, Ellingson had a great year this year, but so has Tasker, if you want to compare them. The most important thing is the fact that Collaros has great chemistry with Luke; after all, it's the Cornell Connection we're talking about...

Collaros and Tasker do have great chemistry, but Collaros did not go to Cornell.

No problem with the time line on the reply here. Thanks for the info.
Looks like the TO D will be licking their chops and hoping to create fumbles against our less-than-ball-security-minded offense - at least lately. NOT turning the ball over has to be a key to the Ticats winning - again - but I was hoping the double blue was not that proficient at creating and recovering fumbles.

Cr@p, I'm stupid. I was totally thinking of Mathews and Tasker. I blame this on the pain meds... lol