Mathews.. and other injuries

all injury related info.

according to Drew Edwards. Mathews not practicing today. no mention of who is taking the majority of reps.

anyone hear if Tolli is back yet?

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 6m6 minutes ago
#Ticats head coach Kent Austin says QB Jeff Mathews will "probably not" play Sunday vs #Argos #CFL #HamOnt

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 6m6 minutes ago
#Ticats head coach Kent Austin hasn't decided whether Jeremiah Masoli or Jacory Harris will start vs #Argos on Sunday. #CFL

thanks G. :cry:

and after all my hard work finding Jeffs passing average to post in another thread.

Lets go Masoli! still weird saying that

Can somebody gift Masoli with a can of stickum. Joking aside, I hope he does well and plays a great game!

im assuming Kent knows he just doesn't want Toronto to know.

I just don't see how he wouldn't start Masoli considering how quickly he pulled Harris. which I think was premature

Let's look at this....J. Masoli vs R. Ray....hmmm..methinks we are in trouble! :frowning: :frowning:

nah you gotta look at it like Ray vs our defence. he's in trouble :wink:

and Masoli vrs Casey Creehan defence :roll:

Fingers crossed , hopefully we WON’T be seeing or saying this on Sunday in the ESF :o Hang on to the Dang ball Jerimiah !!! GO CATS GO !!! :rockin:

well if he does fumble the game away at least the fans wont have lil footballs to throw on the field.


If I were the Coach, I would impress on the offense to 'always' lookout for the fumble.
It makes no difference WHO's fault it is; so long as you can RECOVER the fumble, u r still in control.
Sometimes, this is easier said than done; but at least they should be aware of this fact.
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

Hi Eagle

I'm confident enough to say they do this already. you learn it in little leagues. always be ready for that 6 letter f-word...

but maybe a gentle reminder would be good, if last game wasn't a clear enough refresher that is.

Players with a history of fumbling scare me because it's always in the back of your head, at which inopportune time is he going to fumble the ball. If Masoli can play a game without fumbling and win, that can erase that sinking feeling and give him a ton of confidence for the following game.

Your points are well taken, I feel better now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So if I was to guess what the offence will look like…



Think it’s going to be Harris, KA hates turnovers by the qb

Could still be Mathews, coach has said no but that could be part of the game.

I don’t want to see Fantuz out wide again. Grant may have earned himself an outside spot just for dropping that pass(not completely his fault) but he is a professional. When Tolli comes back, hopefully soon, it further complicates things.

I wonder if a surprise will be in the works for the Argo's on Sunday?

Maybe we'll see both QB's Harris & Masoli mixed into plays during the game? Or maybe Mitchell Gale makes an appearance?

You never know, Gale is similar to both Zach Collaros and Trevor Harris, they all know each other from playing together and have played in similar colleges and schools.

In Toronto's case you know we will see Ricky Ray or maybe Trevor Harris but in Hamilton it could be a mixed group of QB's??

Either way it should be a great game.


If memory serves...Masolis fumbles { the excruciating ones } last year came on less than a yard from a first and he was leading with the ball. He seems to have corrected that by means of ending up as #4 qb. He was much better than Harris in Ottawa. Roll out and throw it baby.

Under the....."and other injuries" part of this thread both Bryan Hall and Cleshawn Page both went down with apparent injuries in the 4th quarter of that game. Hall was helped off the field with what looked like some sort of leg injury (lower body ) and Page was shown on the sidelines with what looked like a shoulder or arm injury (upper body) Hopefully both are OK and good to go this Sunday. So if anybody has any news or updates on this please post it , as we need both these two on the " D " especially Hall at DT where we are extremely thin at depth with only rookie Drake Nevis (who hasn't dressed yet this year for any game action) in reserve. Page would be easier to replace at db as there is more depth there but he has played well in the last few weeks since being inserted into the lineup.

Agree with you we need Hall to play this week that would a devastating loss.

How good is Creehan's D in creating fumbles or recovering them? Anyone know?