Math quiz Can 71 = 53?

Just watched the BC game, and looks to me like Garrett McIntyre is a very similar player to Joe Montford - pretty quick off the edge, good motor, great pursuit.
Would sure like to see a few sacks coming from him.

Blasphemy! :wink:

If you mean his style of play, then possibly. He seems like he may be a promising player but if you mean he is the calibre of Joe Montford, I have to disagree. It would be great but he has a long way to go on that road.

I totally agree he is getting better every game. He's fun to watch every play even if he doesn't get the sack or tackle. Good speed!!

"If you mean his style of play, then possibly."

Well, I did say: "Garrett McIntyre is a very similar player to Joe Montford" - didn't say he was at the same level (I know, that would be a VERY long shot), just I think the style is somewhat similar.

Fun to watch.

Ummmm....errrrrrm....LOL I would have to agree. The first game I ever saw Montford play for Hamilton, I was like "WHO IS THIS GUY?!!" I think McIntyre has great wheels, but Joe's strength for a rush end his size was off the charts. Joe as a young DE could do more with his strength that McIntyre can, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Don't forget that 53 did NOT equal 77...

When Joe was here he spent at least 1, maybe 2 (mightypope wil know for sure), seasons as a less than impressive LB. It wasn't until Sudsy converted him into a rush DE that his career really took off.

Which is about right, Merlin. He didn't really light it up in Shreveport* either as I recall. I first saw Montford in a Cat uniform when he had been converted to rush end by Sudsy (my 1990s "lost period" re my CFL watching meant a big donut in my following of the team, particularly the 1995-1997 years. I watch CFL X-Tra on ESPN Classic to fill in some of those blanks. LOL

*I first typed Memphis...see? LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Can't argue that. However, you will likely find reasonable people on each side of the debate:

i.e. both 77>53, and 53>77

X 2, but one hell of a math "problem" eh? :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,

I think that 71 = 70. McIntyre reminds me of Roger Dunbrack. Both guys have a motor that doesn't stop. They may not make a ton of sacks or tackles but they are constantly moving, throwing timing off plays and taking on double coverage.

This guy is good.

I think it was more like 1 or 2 games, not seasons.

Every era has their heros I guess and it may actually be close. But when comparing a rookie to a legend I think it is more clear cut.

It was one season at most and he was a decent linebacker. But really, what does it matter? He did what he did as a rush end and that's unquestionable. Total domination :cowboy: .

Can anyone = 77? Joe has come the closest , would be nice if McIntyre or Hickman could do the same.

77 should be retired, nobody will ever duplicate Grover.

Why must so many fans in all sports always have to compare current athletes with past ones? Athletes are individuals in every way just like anyone else. When I say individuals I mean playing style and personality.

There will never be another anyone.

Oh, ye of little faith. If they can clone sheep, they can clone defensive ends.