Matechuk Arrested

Very very saddened and disappointed by this news. It's clear these were not only for his own personal use. He may "only" be a long snapper, but he also does ST work. The first thing I said to my boyfriend when I saw Matechuk at camp on Sunday was "wow he's bulked up. he has arms like tree trunks". The team did the right thing and the only thing they could really do. As mentioned, this puts a black cloud over the entire team. What a selfish jerk (I guess I'm also angry). He's risking his health and the reputations of the team and his teammates. I can't remember ever being this disappointed in a Ticat player. I hope he gets straightened out and gets his life back together, but I don't see any team touching him after this.

Don't waste your sympathy on Matechuk. Sympathy should be reserved for someone who is the victim of an honest mistake or just plain bad luck.
What Matechuk did was no mistake ... it was a planned and deliberate attempt to cheat by breaking the law and ignoring the rules of the Tiger-Cats, the league and the players' association.
Matechuk deserves your contemp and resentment and I commend the the Tiger-Cats for their quick response and the clear, consise statement issued by Marcel Bellefeulle.

Yes, good on the Cats for a quick action, it was illegal, but let's face it, steroids are used by players in many sports and even baseball as we know. The guy isn't a bad guy and people aren't bad because they use steroids, however don't get caught if you're using them and don't cross the border like this. Not a wise choice by the young man but that's about all I can say really.

He may be a very nice fellow, Earl. But he’s selfish and (as Ron mentioned) not too bright. The fact that he hid it from the team makes me question his character almost as much as the arrest itself. He could have put his team in a VERY bad position, but he obviously doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I’m usually a bleeding heart who feels sorry for everyone, but no sympathy here for him. It’s illegal and he knew it. Whether that makes him a good/bad person isn’t the issue for me. It’s the fact that he knowingly broke the law. Just because lots of people do it that doesn’t make it right or excusable.

I believe..."every adversity has the equivalent or equal benefit"..."you only have to look for it".

In this case one would have to look pretty hard, however, this incident may be the thing that sets him up to stop this behaviour before he does any further harm to himself or others. At the same time the actions of the Ticats serve to show that they and the CFL mean business with their drug policy.

I hope this young man straightens out his life.

RevClark...while I know your children are disapointed, they can always have another name put on their jersey. In the case of Matechuk, he won't have that opportunity, even if he ever gets the chance to put his name on a jersey. He may even get a set of numbers rather than his name. He will have to live with this mistake for the rest of his life and hopefully he will turn things around.

zontar, I don’t always agree with your posts.

But this time I do. 100%.

Good to know a lot of you are above reproach..and void of stupid decisions!

This goes far beyond a simple mistake. The lack of thought that went into taking drugs across the border is beyond astounding. The fact that he was using and/or distributing illegal drugs is beyond acceptable behavior and any one of us that gets caught doing this would face the same consequences and ridicule. The biggest difference is that the guy did it knowing full well that if caught it would be very public making his choices even more unbelievable

If by that you meant I havnt made a “stupid decision” on the scale of smuggling drugs accross the border knowingly violating numerous laws of two countries and the rules of my employer ? , then, yeah, I am above reproach on this one.

me too

What he did was wrong. Many of us expressed sympathy for him

while at the same time saying that what he did was wrong.

Didn't you see that, half?

EXACTLY. Eating that turkey sandwich at lunch was a really stupid decision, but I really don’t think it was on the same scale as Matechuck’s “stupid decision”. This was a deliberate action on his part. It proves that he is lazy and has no respect for the law or the rules of his “job”. So many guys would KILL for the chance he had. I can’t help thinking about Darrell Adams and that story in the paper about how he could have sat on the IR and collected another year’s pay, but didn’t want to hurt his teammates or the team so that is part of the reason he retired. World’s of difference between his mindset and the mindset of Matechuk. Not much difference in age, but eons apart in maturity.

It proves that he is lazy and has no respect for the law

I don’t think it proves that at all, how many of us have had a speeding ticket or done something illegal, maybe smoked a bit of pot at some point. Speeding could kills us and getting caught smoking pot might have had us lose our job.

It proves the man is human, made a mistake like ALL of us have at some point. But he got caught and hopefully will learn from this situation.

speeding or smoking pot and smuggling drugs are not on the same level of irresponsible Earl. Although Banshee is over the line with what she says, she isn’t wrong

AKT, are you serious? You do realize that speeding on a highway and going out of control could cost the lives of many, many people at once. Getting caught with steroids at a border isn't nearly, nearly as bad as that in that context. Irresponsible, yes, but irresponsible without the potential negative effects of speeding.

going 105 in a 100 is speeding. What you are talking about is reckless driving that has a significant chance of causing a crash. 2 different things. Yes reckless driving is just as irresponsible but the vast majority don't do that either. I know I don't

True enough although is there a ticket for reckless driving? Or is it just called driving over the speed limit? :wink:

Yes there is a charge. In fact there are several possible charges. Dangerous driving and stunt driving are 2 that come to mind. Both result in licence suspensions. Vehicular manslaughter is another, in fact the one you alluded to, but that will get you jail time

Didn’t really think of that but now that you mention this, without looking anything up, I do seem to recall these different official driving offenses. Thinking about this, when people get their license which usually is when we are young, part of the knowledge testing should be what some of these violations are and just how serious can the consequences be. I fear that not enough young people really ‘get’ that a vehicle can be a very dangerous thing.

add to the string of offences "failure to appear" apparently. Just how irresponsible can you get before you don't give someone a pass