Matechuk Arrested

File this in the "What the heck" category:

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that adds a bit of context to the addition of another long snapper

Jordan Matechuk coming to a waiver wire near you.

My thoughts exactly. It seemed very weird that the team would sign a guy to be a backup long snapper. I know he is also a d-lineman, but he was being promoted as a long snapper.

The one prying question that rises in my mind is are they for him or to traffic? Either way is totally sketchy but in different ways. Not to knock long snappers but thats pretty much the last position I would ever peg as a possible steroid user. Kicker also I guess.

This is a black eye on a Ticat and on the whole team. Bad move 51… bad move.

Same type stuff happened to Ticat hopeful Mitch Mustain but charges were dropped apparantly.

It happens. What can ya do?

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Actually, LS is pretty hard.You have to have the strength and proper stance and motions to get the ball WAY back for the punter or holder and then immediately after set up a block on a charging 200+ lb. defender.Very few do it well, Robichaud was a good one as was Matechuk.Too bad :expressionless:

I understand how long snapping works yes.. you actually thought I needed that explained? My point is they don't need the athleticism and strength of many other positions. You can't compare the 10-12 plays a long snapper has per game with the 60+ a typical starting O or D player endure. I even tried a little long snapping myself in practice on occasion when I played safety at Western for 3 years.

Would you also like to explain what a football is for me? What is a first down? It's not my first day with the sport.

Makes you wonder how many of these Offensive Linemen are on steroids. The CFL turns a blind eye and these guys are willing to risk their health so they can bulk up.


“it happens, what can ya do?”

lol, its not like he j-walked or parked in a handi-cap spot…
Im not saying hes a horrible individual and I want him exiled from the team, but its not something that just simply “happens” to your everyday average joe.

Unless of course your saying that in the context of football players getting caught with steroids is a common occurrence

I'm not saying that Offensive Linemen are stupid but who would cross the border with marijuana and needles?
I get nervous when I come back from the US with an extra few beers or a bottle of wine.

Actually, Offensive Linemen score the highest overall on IQ testing.

Steroids are used for injury recovery also.

Just because someone is a long snapper doesn't mean they are necessarily exempt from wanting higher performance or quicker injury recovery.

Smuggling even personal use drugs across the border is really stupid. A buddy of mine did it once for a beer league tourny - I could have lost my car.

In the past I have been shocked by some of the ill advised remarks Matechuk made on facebook

so an incident like this proves to me that he is similar to a can of semi-gloss paint...not too bright.

543 anabolic steroid pills, 262 millilitres of anabolic steroids in liquid form,

1.25 grams of marijuana, 19 syringes, and 51 replacement needles!

I would say that this is more than enough than for just his own personal use.

but what do I know. Get rid of him. He doesn't get it.

Could anything else go wrong during this camp? Geesh

Why would he cross into the States carrying illegal substances when he could have stayed in Canada?

Guess we will never know because he won't be around long enough to explain.

I can confirm. I don't take steroids.

Got that right. He's been released.

Gee, I don't know what you can do.
Maybe obey the law or at least think twice about smuggling illegal/controlled substances accross a border who's agencies are obsessed with security and drug smuggling ?

It happens alright. It happens to low lifes, fools and idiots.

The guy probably thought he would save some time by heading down I-75 as opposed to coming to Hamilton via Northern Ontario.

Good call Einstein.

I feel very sorry for the young man in that he felt so insecure that he would need to go to such lengths and endanger his long term health in such a foolish way. I feel sorry for my daughter and her two friends who all purchased Matechuk jerseys this year because they wanted to cheer for someone who normally never would have anyone cheer for him and in general would only get noticed if he made a bad snap.

I especially feel sorry for my daughter who took some of the money she was earning for university in the fall and budgetted it out so she could buy a Matechuck jersey which she did just last month. She wanted to support Jordan along with her two friends.

Sad all around, I guess this is another reason not to get a players name on the back of a jersey just like my son did with Adam Tafralis.