Matchups Set: 109th Grey Cup playoffs ready for kickoff

TORONTO — The road to the Grey Cup has been paved and the 2022 Canadian Football League (CFL) post-season matchups are set. The Eastern Semi-Final will feature the Hamilton Tiger-Cats visiting Percival Molson Stadium to take on the Montreal Alouettes. The BC Lions will host the Western Semi-Final and welcome the Calgary Stampeders to BC Place.

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Easy winners

Do Grey Cup games not count in playoff stats? If they did, wouldn't Steinauer be 3-2 as a coach?

Saskatchewan out of the playoffs.
Seems like everything in the world is going back to normal.

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The stats are for head to head against Montreal

My predictions for the semi finals are. Calgary beats bc and Hamilton edges out mtl. My reason is idk how healthy rourke is and I don’t trust va and for Hamilton over mtl is that they have caught momentum at the right time and are getting healthy at the right time so I trust Hamilton defense to stop mtl but not mtl defense stoping Hamilton.

I predict Montreal and BC both winning at home.
Hamilton has not been good on the road. Dane Evans can be hot and cold.
BC wil likely have Rourke back. And Maier still a work in progress.

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I don't want to make any too rash predictions yet I believe Winnipeg is going to be the 3 peat Champions. But to do what Edmonton did in 78-82, won't happen. I love my team Winnipeg Blue Bombers but I respect all teams. CFL is a country family. I have watched teams become strong, teams go into silence. From 1983 to today, I have followed the Grey Cup championship games. Maybe not the seasons. However I believe all teams should equally have a shot. If BC wins, awesome as it will be their 7th Grey Cup in History. If Winnipeg loses, it wouldn't bother me even though it is my team. I would still but the Championship hat of whoever wins. I do believe however that some big key players like Ellingson and Agadousi are going to return come playoff time. Many injured players will be healthier come the playoffs and other back ups on Winnipeg's roster will be geared and ready. Calgary or BC will be in for the shock of a lifetime. Especially since BC has now beaten us. It also won't be like 2001 when Calgary beat Winnipeg 27-19 when Winnipeg was highly favorable to win. Your record is never a guarantee but I think Winnipeg knows that. Sorry for Saskatchewan Roughriders not having a chance in their own new stadium but they can take away the fact they beat Hamilton in 2013 in Saskatchewan 45-23. For that, I am proud of them. Hamilton however, I wish you well. I do hope you can finally win soon but it won't be this year.

I said this at the end of last season and again at the beginning of this one. I still think it's Montreal versus whomever? Calgary, Vancouver, or us here in Winnipeg. Whether we 3peat or not is irrelevant. The Al's are a good solid team built for playoff football. I like their chances. Go, Montreal. And, hopefully...Go, Bombers! Damn...dontcha' just love Canadian Football?

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So in 2019 Bombers finish 3rd in the west, beat the 15-3 Hamilton in the cup.
This year, Hamilton finishes 3rd in the east, and were the only team to really beat the bombers this year. Would be interesting if they would meet the 15-3 or 14-4 Bombers in the cup… just might have the blue print…
Honestly, Montreal and Toronto won’t be easy to beat…

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The eastern teams have all played each other very close… they should be good games. I’m sure the west playoffs will be good too…

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I like Montreal because they are at home and they have won over Hamilton twice at home. Harris has a bit more experience in the playoffs than Dane Evans but who is playing qb for Hamilton? Will Evans be ready? I like Montreal big if Evans does not play for Harris is way more experience than Shiltz but I like Toronto over anyone team that they play but I like any of the west teams over Toronto in The Grey Cup especially if Rourke comes back it will probably be BC in The Grey Cup. They should be good games for most of the games this season have been good.

Wait a minute.......all playoff matches have been set even before the final regular season games have been played?

So essentially, nothing really to play for other then pride and/or some individual records setting, I guess.

Is this the first time it's happened?

We know the divisional match-ups and yet as of today (Oct 25) the CFL continues to indicate participants "unknown" for both games next week on the schedule on it's web page. I guess they update if and when they finally get around to announcing the Grey Cup halftime show... I'm sure there must be a few good bar bands around Regina that could perform if all else fails.

Stats people ar CFL headquarters are bonkers. Grey cup stats count. They just count them separately. Why? Nobody knows what goes on behond those doors. :crazy_face:

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I was looking for the halftime show performers and found it almost impossible. But found this.