Matchups Set: 108th Grey Cup Playoffs ready for kickoff

TORONTO — The road to the Grey Cup has been paved and the 2021 Canadian Football League (CFL) post-season is set to begin.

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The Stamps beat the Riders 2/3 games and have since added Roberson and Begelton. I have 1000% confidence in the Stamps.

Both games are good matchups. The East semi has two teams that have played some good defensive football and the running game is a significant part of each teams make up with Stanback and Jackson. Well suited for playoff football. Montreal may also boast the best receiving core in the regular season but, I am not a fan of Trevor Harris. Not the person, I mean the player. I like the QB tandem in Hamilton and playing at home may give them the slim edge they need to win.

In the west the game is almost to close to call. Sk has had home playoff games in the past few years and lost nail biters. Dave D. seems to have Craig D's number in head to head games. This game will be won and lost in the trenches. It is going to be mean and nasty. The Regina temp for next Saturday is forecast to be 0C. The colder it is the less impactful the pass game is and Fajardo may need to run more if his O-Line does not help him out. I will pick the Stamps in OT and then regardless who wins this game will be demolished in a -15 C game in two weeks in Winterpeg. I do not think Sk or Calgary will score a TD in the West final. Should be fun, Looking forward to some good games next week!

OOps! West final is Sunday, not Saturday. Do not believe the forecast of 0C either. I bet my scarf and parka it will be colder!

East semi will have 10x the atmosphere as the final will. Both West games will be crazy.

Bombers in 4

A Hamilton-Toronto game on the moon would have atmosphere. So are you saying that Montreal will win next week? :wink:

Beagleton caught 2 passes, 14 yards, marginally better at the run.
Perhaps maaax got it right "dogs catching frisbees" Beagleton, Ohh that's Ruff. Lol :poodle:

who won the game???? What was the score? Tell me

That's cute, who cares, who won game on week 12 2018. It has just as much value to the GC in 2021.

I set my alarm, talk soon.

It was the current game on the docket.. therefore the most important important....and oshea was unable to prepare his team to win........losers

I'm getting a headache, can you give the name of a good docket.

Riddle me this, If it were most important x2, why would both teams play backups? It has as much value to the GC as, what day last week I cut my toenails.

Let me get this straight. You've spent the entire season ad nauseam going on about how the Stamps are the team to beat because of previous success, yet when a previous success of another team is mentioned (or a previous Calgary failure) suddenly the present time of a Calgary win is all that matters?

Naturally teams want to rest starters in games than aren't critical to win. The point is Calgary doesn't consider these game any less important..They coach and prep those 2nd/3rd string players very well so that they can win....that is why Calgary can continually replace players from within with equally great players....that doesn't mean it will be the prettiest win in the world but more times or not they find ways get it done. THAT is why this team has finished no worse than 2nd in the west 3oy 3 times since 1989.......... no one else seems to have that fortitude ...which is why no one else is close

Typical Stampeder mouthpiece! Blah blah blah blah.
Also thinks you can have a higher % than 100 - you can't - 100% is the ultimate.
He's gonna be very disappointed Monday morning.

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Previous and present success.. incase you haven't noticed the stamps are the youngest team in the league right now and after a rough start where the best team the 2nd half...6-1 .....

Wednesday, yup Wednesday,

I cut my toenails on Wednesday.

I'm not sure what "west 3oy 3 times since 1989" means.
I imagine you trying to say Calgary has been slightly better than average some time ago.
Good for you.

BTW how do "you" know what Calgary considers or doesn't consider. Do you mean, Calgary the city?

Well if you consider calgary slightly better than average I want to know how you would rate the Bombers.. please tell me....stamps have finish worse than 2nd in the west 3 times since 1989 ....

Yes, we all know. You've made this painfully aware for the past 4 months.


Ad nauseam.


Posted billboards in our faces.

Played looped subliminal tapes of it in our sleep.

Waved it on flagpoles.

Shouted it from rooftops.

Flew it on banners behind planes.

Took out full front page ads.

Spelled it out in our alphabet soup.

Painted it in our endzones.

Tattooed it on our girlfriends' butts.

Spammed it in email bombs.

Puffed it in smoke signals.

Flashed it in the sky like a bat signal on the clouds (with a horsey instead of a bat).

Had it announced over the PA at our games.

Put it into the curriculum in our school textbooks.

Delivered it by carrier pigeon.

WE ... GET ... THE ... MES-SAGE AL-READYYY!!!11!!111


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What previous success must come with is consistency over the long term Bombers can't claim that at this time