Matchup Comparisons: BC OFFENSE vs. MTL OFFENSE

Let's hear your opinions.

Go to TSN look up the match up and the stats.
They speak for themselves.

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Montreal's ground game is the the heart of their offense. Their offense has really changed into a ball-control offense that harkens back to the times of Mike Pringle. Edwards is a punishing back. I expect him to have a good game. It looks like the BC secondary will try to take away Ben Cahoon so the burden of making things happen will fall on the Calvillo and the Montreal receivers. With the exception of Kerry Watkins, they haven't been contributing much all year. Despite the absolute stupidity shown by some zealous Alouettes fans in this forum, they were right about something. The 11 to 12 sacks were against rookie Montreal Alouette tackles. Dave Mudge and Okeke are back. BC won't get as many sacks this time but they will still manage to bother Calvillo enough to make him throw some iffy passes.

BC's air attack is so potent. Their O-line is doing a good job. In terms of receivers you have Jason Clermont, a big physical receiver that reminds me of Terry Vaughn. He'll make 5 to 7 yard catches in the intermediary zones, then bust a few tackles to get the 1st down. Then you have Geroy Simon: their deep threat exposing holes in the zone or burning defenders while in man coverage. For those that follow the NFL, he reminds me of Torry Holt: Lightning quick and not to mention they have the same number. The supporting cast of Smith, Jackson, and Thewell have shown that they can contribute more than enough to win a game if Simon is double-teamed.

I'd have to agree with Dan Barnes from the Edmonton Journal. I give the edge to BC in this category.

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