Matching versus contrasting jerseys and pants!

Personally I hate it when teams wear the same coloured pants and jerseys, e.g. black with black or white with white, such as in last Friday's game between the RedBlacks and Tiger-Cats:

I prefer pants to have a different colour than that of the jerseys being worn. How about you?


Trends come and go.
With only a few exceptions, right now I like the same colours top and bottom. In five or ten years, I’ll probably prefer differing colours again.

What I really dislike is the visiting team wearing white jerseys when white isn’t one of their primary team colours.
I thought that the Blue Bombers did a great job with their gold jerseys when they were on the road. They shouldn’t have gone back to white imo.

Teams should use their secondary colour as their road jersey.

Agree when it’s dark-on-dark. Don’t mind white-on-white. For some reason I only like pants that are a lighter colour. White, gold, light blue or silver. The only exception is Buffalo’s.

I agree with the road jersey comment, no need for white jerseys as that was something from the days of B&W TV.
I think that contrasting jerseys and pants looks more professional, all one colour screams minor league to me.
I would like to see teams use contrasting colours with the jersey in their primary colour (pants in secondary colour) and reverse the colours on the road (and maybe have white as a “clash” jersey when needed).
I actually wouldn’t mind if they did away with “away” jerseys altogether as I don’t really think they’re needed in the era of (ultra)high-def colour TV broadcasts. A few years ago during the last Touchdown Atlantic game (I think), Calgary and Hamilton both wore their “home” unis and it looked good, no problems telling who was who. :wink: (some teams might need an alternate “clash” jersey for some games).

Ottawa-Calgary games could get interesting…

Why? Calgary’s official colours are red and white (black is a tertiary colour) and Ottawa’s is black and red. So Calgary would have red jerseys/white pants at home and white jerseys/red pants on the road. Ottawa could go with black/red - red/black combo, but could use a bit of common sense (and good taste) and use the Ottawa RR traditional combo black/white - white/black, using red as a tertiary colour around the numbers and striping on other parts of the uni. You’d obviously try to make it so that no two teams have similar combos.

Totally agree with Stamps Rock.

Always like when teams mix it up. I also appreciate when teams have 2 sets of helmets.

My comment was in reply to your “I actually wouldn’t mind if they did away with ‘away’ jerseys altogether” statement, which I took to mean only one jersey colour for each team. And official colours seem to be more a guideline these days, with Calgary usually wearing red jerseys but sometimes black, and Ottawa usually wearing black but sometimes red.

Basically supporting your closing statement, “some teams might need an alternate ‘clash’ jersey for some games”.

Back to the original question. Personally, I really don’t care what other teams wear. But I really don’t like the white on white look the Ticats wear occasionally. In fact, there’s almost a consensus on the Ticat board that they should never wear the white pants, regardless of which jersey they wear. Part of that is our track record when wearing them - we almost always lose - but also, they’re just plain wrong.

The Tiger-Cats could actually get by with just yellow pants.


I’ve always preferred the jersey and pants to be different colours. The one-colour look reminds me of pajamas. Having said that, I’m getting used to it and it doesn’t really bother me much the way it did ten years ago.

One point I’d like to add, though, is that if teams insist on alternate uniforms (and they all do now), I’d like to see a reason for it (other than just $$$). I suggest each team have two uniform sets: One they wear for games against their own division, and the other they wear for games against the opposite division. It could add a more special-event feel to inter-divisional games . . . although with the way the sched is set up these days it would mean East teams wear their “Vs West” uniforms more often than their “Vs East” uniforms, but I hope that will change in the near future.

I like the monochrome look on some teams only when it's paired with the other team wearing contrasting jerseys and pants. I agree that the Ottawa-Hamilton game would have looked better with Hamilton wearing gold pants. Teams aren't allowed to wear the same coloured pants anymore, so thankfully that won't happen.

Below is a good example of both topics in this thread; monochrome and colour on colour. I loved how the Redblacks would play in their all black uniforms against the Alouettes and Lions. It provides excellent contrast and I wish teams would do it more often.

How about that pre-season this year though?? Calgary was pretty insistent on wearing their red jerseys I guess.

The Calgary-Saskatchewan matchup looks good. I hope more teams use a clash colour jersey like Winnipeg's gold one. Maybe a Cambridge Blue jersey for Toronto and a gold for Hamilton to start off?

I like it, too. White is so overused.

And the Cats and Argos have featured yellow/gold and Cambridge blue uniforms in the recent past. Why not bring them back?

I Remember speaking to one of many Argos reps in recent years and they said the team was really going to move away from the "Cambridge" blue, which i think is quite unfortunate.
That Toronto and Hamiltondon'thave a Cambridge kit, and a yellow kit respectively, baffles me. Bold and underused colours

…a lot of personal preference here but I don’t find Cambridge Blue to be an ‘bold’ colour whatsoever…my brain keeps saying ‘baby blue’…

What?! Cambridge blue is one of the Argos' two defining colours. The Scullers are supposed to be the Double Blue team!


I’d argue that it’s bolder than white. It would be way more interesting and visually appealing if it was used as an away jersey (against teams that don’t also wear blue like the Bombers and Alouettes).

Teams could do what the Waterloo Warriors football team does; wear gold mainly on the road (maybe once at home) and then white for an away game where there isn’t enough contrast (essentially an alternate uniform).

It’s sad that the design of the Bombers’ gold uniforms from 2012-2015 wasn’t that great, otherwise they could have been trendsetters.