Matching the Lions up against the Tiger-Cats

Statistically we're surpsiingly close in many categories, but there run defence looks good.

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The most glaring concern is their pass rush which has the second most sacks and a league leading 16 intercpetions. See what a pass ruch can do for you DBs?

Our run game better not let us down now.

I think this is a winnable game.

8) Don't forget that the Lions now have Sir Charles Roberts. He has always had huge games against us in the past !!


I forgot.


Okay, I have to ask why do they call him “Sir Charles” ??? was he knighted? did he do something special. I know one of the play-by-play TSN guys calls him that but WHY?

Sir Charles Roberts

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Known as the Father of Canadian Poetry, Charles G.D. Roberts was a poet and prose writer who inspired creativity in other poets of his generation, among them Bliss Carman (his cousin), Archibald Lampman and Duncan Campbell Scott. Together, these four poets became known as the "Confederation" poets.

I'll put my money on a Buono-coached team over a Taafe-coached team any day of the week. Besides, the Lions' personnel is better pretty much right across the board.

An Argo-Cat fan

TSN says Roberts is not playing this week.

[url=] ... dlines_cfl[/url]

Check out the NOBODY'S SCAPEGOAT video.

Also, the story mentions a dust up between two team leaders, Geroy Simon and Tyrone Williams.

Buono plays it down of course and Geroy blows off the media.

Check it out.

The depth chart lists Charles Roberts in the 3rd spot.

I wonder if he'll see any action.

He might be too busy writing poems on the sidelines to play.