Match préparatoire #2 Toronto @ Montréal

La partie de jeudi sera très importante pour les quarts partants des deux équipes. Tant Harris que Crompton ont encore des choses à prouver à leurs entraîneurs, et cette partie pourra permettre de voir jusqu'à quel point Dan Lefevour a récupéré de sa blessure de l'an dernier.

Il y aura aussi des batailles à finir pour les quelques places disponibles, notamment celle pour le poste de botteur des Alouettes, de même que chez les demis offensifs et les receveurs.

Je m'attends à ce que James Rodgers soit libéré à l'issue de cette partie pour permettre de faire une place à un autre receveur (Davidson ou Bryant).

Il y aura probablement également une bataille chez les demis de coin et les demis défensifs substituts, mais il est difficile de spéculer sur le résultat. À tout évéement, je m'attends à ce que Coady soit sur l'équipe de pratique.

Il y aura certainement des "batailles" intéressantes et des décisions difficiles dans les 48 heures suivant ce match.

Quarts. Qui sera le numéro 3? Bridge ou Cato. Je dis Bridge. Moins risqué de libérer Cato et de l'ajouter à l'équipe de pratique. Il pourrait s'ajouter à la liste des blessés pour 6 parties.

Demi-offensifs. Combien sur l'alignement de 46 joueurs? 3, dont Logan comme spécialistes des bottés et retours ou 2, incluant Logan?

Receveurs. Si 4 Int. sur l'alignement de 46, qui sera le numéro 4. Hoffman ou Bryant? Je dis Hoffman. Les 3 Nat. devraient être: Giguère,Davidson et Charrette.

Ligne offensive. Aucune bataille. Rudy et possiblement s'ajouteront aux vétérans.

Ligne défensive. Aucune bataille, sauf qui sera l'ailier défensif numéro 3. Baker,Brikowski ou Carter? Je dis Brikowski,si en santé.

Secondeurs. La question demeure. Hebert sera t-il de l'alignement de 46? Je dis non,afin de faire place à Bede.

Demi-défensifs. Les 4 partants Int. de 2014 devraient être de l'alignement de 46. Qui de Coleman,Ellis ou Hefney sera le numéro 5/substitut. Je dis Hefney,à cause de sa polyvalence. Peut jouer à toutes les positions à la tertiaire,sauf maraudeur. Pourrait remplacer Venable si blessé durant la parie. Les Knowles et Townsend,particulièrement Townsend, vont lutter pour conserver leur poste. Achille et possiblement Coady pourraient les remplacer.

Botteurs. Pour moi, ce sera Whyte et Bede, à moins que Bede connaisse une performance misérable lors de cette partie.

Spécialiste de longue remise. Bédard.

Le jeu de certains et blessures pourraient modifier ces prévisions.


Training camp report-Day 17

The Alouettes offense had great moments on Tuesday. Compton connected with S.J. Green and Fred Stamps for consecutive touchdowns in the red zone.

Dan LeFevour also had a good outing. Threw a 15 yard td to Cody Hoffman.. The nicest play of the day: LeFevour threw 70 yards to fullback Jean-Christophe Beaulieu..

Rookie quarterback Brandon Bridge also impressed the spectators on site when he threw a 40 yard pass to Jonathan Bryant.

From the last 2 days, the QB's should be: Crompton,LeFevour and Bridge. With receivers, Hoffman and Bryant should be on the team.


From Herb, The Snap.

LB Kyries Hebert was in Montreal on Tuesday,having his lower leg examined. Unlikely to play Thursday.

I will not be surprised if he goes to 1 game injured list, once the Als have to reduce their roster. No later than 22:00 hours on Saturday.


Meh. Impressing in training camp with the starting receivers isn’t much of a feat for our supposed starting QB. I want to see what he does in real game action. I am, however, excited to see what Hoffman and Bryant can add to the team. Always nice to see new faces, especially at receiver where we’re a bit long in the tooth.

Herb tweeting this morning Hebert has high ankle sprain and will be in walking boot for 2 weeks.

He didn`t say if it was Bede who stepped on his ankle. :smiley:

Didier Orméjuste:

"Higgins mentioned the possibility of LeFevour starting the 1st regular season game, if Crompton doesn't play well tomorrow"

Higgins should have kept quiet....

What if both play poorly or Lefevour swells up, he won't have a pot to ... in.

Didier Orméjuste:

"Higgins also mentioned the possibility of using the dreaded two-quarterback system."

Higgins is dangerous for that. Because it worked for him in Edmonton with Maas and Ray, he has a warped sense of reality.

Well, all things considered, I'd rather he said what he said as opposed to saying that Crompton is automatically the starter no matter how he plays in the preseason games.


It's certainly encouraging as far as fair competition for the starting quarterback job is concerned.

With the injuries in Hamilton. Toronto's playing for a month and a half on the road and Montreal's front loaded schedule. They MUST have a fast start. I think Higgins recognizes that.

Tom Higgins, Mismanager of Quarterbacks. :roll: :roll: :thdn:

Tom Higgins should learn that a filter of brain to mouth is sometimes a good thing. Refreshing perhaps but a bit dumb most times. In this context he is not well served by how these answers were presented. . However I would like to hear the question posed as opposed to an interpretation in a tweet I guess.

if the questions posed were:
If Crompton struggles on Thursday would you consider Lefevour to open the season?

Could you ever foresee a 2 QB system here?

Higgins may have answered yes to both of those within context.

According to RDS, Tom Higgins said that Dan LeFevour COULD start the home opener if Jonathan Crompton does not play better than in Québec or,en français, "ne se resaisit pas" Wha't wrong with saying that. Do some of you wanted him to say he will start no matter how bad he plays.

Most of persons on this site don't have too much confidence in Crompton and feel that he is not the answer as the future Als QB. If he does not perform well or as bad as in Quebec, in the last pre-season game, let's start LeFevour.

Kyries Hebert will miss no less than 2 games. He could always be added to 6 game injured list.


Perfectly reasonable response from Higgins then.

Fans, teammates, Higgins, and Crompton himself knows he has to play better or risk losing the starting job.

Having said that, Higgins answers should have been:

  1. I don`t anticipate Crompton struggling.

  2. Far too hypothetical at this time to think of a 2 QB system.

Didn`t he do something similar last season to deflate Troy Smith or was it another QB?

It's just stupid to put that scenario in the press before we've seen LeFevour take a meaningful snap as an Alouette. What if Dan and Crompton both mess the bed? Now the optics look terrible for you and journalists will be asking if Cato or Bridge is going to see action.

Some of you don't seem to be clear on the difference between the optics of QB management and management itself behind closed doors. In the latter, I fully support being tough on Crompton and keeping him on a short leash. In public, though, don't get ahead of yourself and undermine the QB before the backup has even hit the field.