Masters Pool 2024

Welcome to the 2024 CFL Forum 3rd annual Masters Pool.

As always the pool is open to everyone although below I will ping past participants in the pool and some others who have regularly participated in pools or shown an interest in golf. Feel free to mention the pool to anyone you may believe could be interested. Anyone who loves golf I expect should be interested.

Past winners:

2022: @Paolo_X
2023: @Jon

This year’s winner will receive a fabulous digital green jacket to use as they see fit and have bragging rights for the next year. As well our Masters trophy maker @Maaax will I expect deliver a one of a kind bad boy trophy that is sure to be the star of your digital trophy case. Last year’s trophy is below.

This is by far the simplest CFL Forum Pool to participate in. You don’t even need to be overly familiar with golf. Just pick 5 players from the field you think will do the best and hope that you don’t pick more than one player who is cut. Your top 4 picks count. Then just sit back and enjoy.

Rather than typing the rules again they are linked below from last year.

I will also reproduce them below via screenshot:

You must make your picks and post them in this thread no later than Wednesday, April 10th midnight Pacific time.

Also please note that this thread is intended to be used to make picks only and standings will be posted daily after every round. There is another thread already in existence meant to be used for regular Masters discussion before and during the tournament and is linked below.

Finally, if you are curious as to how the scoring rules resulted in winners and near winners last year I will link the final scores for your perusal if interested below:

Good luck to all participants!

Feel free to post your picks anytime but do so before Thursday. And remember, who wouldn’t want to join the elite circle of CFL Forum Pool champions? A distinction like no other.


I am pinging those who have participated in the annual Masters Pool in the past and inviting them to join again this year:

@Grover @bobo82 @GridironGirl @Paul_ste_marie @Abendschan @Aerial @Stipley2 @Hometown_Fan @Tedtanium1976

I will also ping others who I have quickly ascertained may be interested in participating because of past participation in forum pools or posting in golf threads:

@Squishy21 @PatLynch @Stickweld21 @tony @KingCrimson769 @usc4dav @AYC2112 @PorkyPine @prairiewolf77 @Mightygoose @mahalcflers @BetweenTheGoalposts @IllinoisGuy @Crash @SaskWatch @Hit.em.hard @kav2001c

I easily could have overlooked someone and that would be purely unintentional. Any Forum member is free to participate. If you aren’t interested that is fine and there is no need for a reply. Hopefully you will enter the pool to make it bigger and better than ever!


Scottie Scheffler

Brooks Koepka

Jon Rahm

Rory McIlroy

Wyndham Clark


is it cheating if I ask my daughters golfing fiancee who to pick :slight_smile:

Thank you for the invite but I’ll politely decline.

I don’t follow golf much but for those to participate, enjoy and best of luck :slight_smile:


Scottie Scheffler

Rory McIlroy

Xander Schauffele

Viktor Hovland

Cory Conners


Not at all. My secret is asking the cat. Sorry FYB but I forgot to ping you. Please join.

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Conners :canada:
Hadwin :canada:
Taylor :canada:

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For those who may prefer a little assistance, below is a link to the Masters field as well as a ranking from at least one publication.

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Scottie Scheffler
Rory Mcllroy
Jon Rahm
Brooks Koepka
Xander Schauffle

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Brooks Koepka

Hideki Matsuyama

Collin Morikawa

Scottie Scheffler

Jordan Spieth

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As You Know, We Are Playing By Strict Rules

Of course we should mention here that the rules are as posted, and there are no mulligans allowed, and in the unlikely event of any necessary review, the decisions by the judges are FINAL.

Violate any of the rules, and as we are playing by strict rules as many of you well know, you forfeit not only the round but also the MATCH.

Now we’re not looking at anyone in particular here this year like in 2022 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: , but here’s a helpful orientation video for just what can happen to you when you attempt to violate the rules and spirit of the game of golf amongst us, especially during the Masters. Pay attention to your clubs and to your ball too please.

If you attempt to violate the rules, once caught, there’s also no telling also what else could happen to you at the hands of also CFL fan and CFL Forum friend, Jim Nantz, which I hear can also go beyond his BURNT TOAST treatment!
:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good luck to all players again this year, and thank you for joining us again for this auspicious annual CFL Forum competition during the Masters.


Hi All!

The season is getting closer, but the first weekend of April is always special. Hopefully, the weather holds up and we get a great masters. Disclaimer…I am a terrible golfer. Love the game, and I look really good with my beautiful full set of clubs, but play very shitty. So having said that, here are my very uneducated picks for the Masters.

  1. Scottie Schelfler
  2. Brooks Koepka
  3. Rory Mcllroy
  4. Tiger Woods (If anyone can come out of nowhere to win, it is him, plus a Master’s Sunday is always better when Woods is wearing his Sunday Red and stalking the field with a chance to win).
  5. Collin Morikawa

Go Bombers!


Thanks Dave. You don’t have to be a good golfer to enter the pool, but I would be surprised if Tiger even made it to Sunday, either via injury or missing the cut.


Another easy to read breakdown of this year’s field.


Now I see some of you stragglers back there hiding behind trees or in the bushes at Augusta already, after perhaps hanging out with Mr. Beaver early for drinks last night, yes I get it, there is no sunset on happy hour :thinking: , but there are only two days left to make your picks.

@AYC2112 @bobo82 @Paul_ste_marie @Stipley2 @Hometown_Fan
@Maaax @IllinoisGuy @kav2001c @Hit.em.hard @Squishy21

And also you don’t want to be late, for the dire consequences have something to do with being a no-good galoot and burnt toast this year!

So before you forget again, make those picks now.

You may also use the free handy articles as linked or view the orientation video about our strict rules for hope and inspiration for your participation in our auspicious competition.

!Buena suerte!


Thanks very much for the invite @Paolo_X. I haven’t really followed golf for a while. There is a good reason I won’t go into here, but trust me, you would understand if I told you.

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And you other inebriated or otherwise delayed stragglers too I didn’t forget you either.

Make your picks now and don’t be late, or else as I noted above.

Pro Tip:
It’s more relaxing to make your picks with a drink and the Masters music playing in the background.

@Stickweld21 @tony @KingCrimson769
@PorkyPine @prairiewolf77 @mahalcflers @BetweenTheGoalposts
@Crash @SaskWatch @Cflukb69

Thanks for pinging me @Jon and @Paolo_X. Excited to enter my first CFL Masters Pool. I actually did some thinking about this so I’ll put that out there - good or bad.

Here’s my picks:

Scottie Scheffler
Wyndham Clark
Sahith Theegala
Joaquin Niemann
Jordan Speith