Masters Pool 2023

Good morning to all on this Sunday before Masters week which starts tomorrow and the CFL Forum 2nd Annual Masters Pool.

As Paolo won’t let you forget, he won last year’s pool.

Thanks to @Maaax for crafting the fabulous Canadian themed Masters trophy which @Paolo_X will only be permitted to brag about or use for one more week, unless he repeats as champion. He is welcome to provide his choice of snacks to be consumed while watching the Masters, our version of choosing the menu for the Champions dinner.

As always the pool is open to everyone but I will specifically invite all of those who participated in last year’s pool (and a few others who have participated in Masters threads or other pools). We will start with former participants @Aerial @bobo82 @Stipley and @Grover

Last year the pool was based on picking the winner, which no one did, or picking the next best finisher based on how high he was picked. Probably a little simple and not very interesting so I scoured the internet for a more interesting yet simple format and think I have found something pretty decent.


All participants are to pick 5 players from the field. The order they are picked in doesn’t matter (unlike last year). Everyone will have their worst player dropped from their tally. The best 4 out of 5 picks on every team will have their scores added together. The player with the lowest score wins. Easy peasy. If one of your top 4 players misses the cut then they will be given 80 (+8) as a score for the last two rounds so those who have the best chance to win will want to avoid having more than one player out of their five cut. If there is a playoff those scores don’t count so the tally will take place after 72 holes. Anyone can pick any 5 players, even if other participants duplicate some of their picks. I doubt we will have anyone pick the same exact five players.

Hopefully that is clear and simpler enough for everyone but please feel free to post any questions if you are unsure.

All picks must be made by midnight Pacific time on Wednesday.

Good luck to all!


You don’t need to know much about golf to participate in the field as Paolo proved.

As an assist, below is a link to the list of players in the field this year.

For those less enamored with the dartboard approach of picking players, below is a link to the field with some breakdown and commentary if you care to make a more educated pick. The choice is yours.

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I'm in

CONNERS :canada:

Thanks! :+1:

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Wow thank you for putting this together again Jon.

Yes indeed, you should see my Green Jacket too!

Hmmm...good snacks ...I suppose this is when I waive health consciousness too.

We shall start with

Nachos with Melted Cheese and Hot Salsa from Mexico

And if you can't take the heat, more water or beer for you alright?

Ah yes, those picks, good luck to all whether or not you are sneaky good too.

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Paolo your snack is right up my alley and I will be sure to make nachos during Sunday’s final round in addition to probably Friday, which is fortunately a holiday during Masters week, although I would prefer if Thursday was a holiday as well.

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@Squishy21 @Hit.em.hard @Hometown_Fan @Paul_ste_marie @PatLynch @Abendschan @tony @Tedtanium1976 @IllinoisGuy @GridironGirl

I am specifically inviting the ten of you (maximum invites allowed by site) to participate in the Masters pool. I have done so because either you have posted on the Masters 2023 thread or have shown interest in other league pools.

Click on the top banner to get to the first post in this thread to read the simple rules. You don’t need to be a golf genius to enter the pool. If you know of anyone else who may be interested feel free to let them know. The more the merrier. If you aren’t interested that is fine as well.


Canadians :canada: in the Masters

Mike Weir
Adam Svensson
Mackenzie Hughes
Corey Conners


Tied for the most Canadians ever. There was a chance for Adam Hadwin or Nick Taylor to make it but alas they didn’t play well enough the last few weeks to qualify. I predict that next year we will see the record broken and have at least 5 Canadians in the field.


They'll be in the field out back driving tractors. :smiley: :tractor: :+1: :canada:

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Miscellaneous Tournament Information and Optional Course Tutorial

As returning champion, I am perhaps a bit too excited by this annual event already. Aren't you!?

I'm going to have to help myself to a proprietary, responsible mix before the first tee so as to settle the nerves this time. Cheers to you as well.

Daily leaderboards should be fun too along with all the daily banter.

Now now, please understand that I am not a real official here, but even so, I feel it's my sporting duty to inform you, for sake of also a fairer and more sporting competition, to please DO NOT EVER play a Slazenger 7 on our course!

We certainly would not want any misunderstandings or a random sordid event like a laser-precision lightning strike upon you.

As we care somewhat about player safety here and we are playing by strict rules as some of you already well know, we offer the following Optional Course Tutorial.

Some of you in the highest discretion have already asked us for tournament fashion assistance and even for hygiene advice, so please feel free to take some notes or even copy our model players and caddies in the tutorial.

Due to government regulations, we are sorry that we cannot help you with your personal hygiene this year other than perhaps if you happen to fall in the water hazard by accident, rest assured there are no predators lurking for you unlike on the back 9 whenever you should turn away.

Soap is available in the clubhouse, but please do note that Irish Spring is forbidden here at the CFL Forum Masters.

Good luck.

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so what happen's if they don't make the women's tee on their first shot?

I read something about Catherine Zeta-Jones recently with regards to this modern ritual. I don't think I will ever understand some of these more modern traditions of the game.

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ok so i have golfed and was decent at one time. but i still have no idea what i'm doing here because i don't really know any of the players. this is like blind darts for me lol

i feel like Happy GIlmore would be a good pick here.

Well I proved it last year, for sometimes the less you know, the better. I have little or no clue too.

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Okay, let's stop right here, I would like you to have at least a fighting shot, look at the sites provided for a list of eligible players and review the Optional Course Tutorial.

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so we pick five dudes and that's it? some may or may not make the cut, etc, but you only pick once? not every round? ok this is more boring than watching it.

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wait whut? a course tutorial? lol

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There's another Goldfinger Vid on Slazinger's webpage which features 007 themed golf gear.

I wanna hat like Odd Job's.