Masters Golf Official Rained Out Thread

Since the tourney's flooded out and my 5 pool picks were under water anyway, I give you the MEN'S CURLING championship!!! :partying_face: :anger: :boom:

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And here's the standings so far in the World Men's Curling Whatever you call it!!!

Just a head's up... Switzerland cleaned up at the Women's World Curling Championship and they're kinda dominating things on the men's side as well. The rest of us curling powers have our noses pressed up against the glass right now looking in.

We can only hope to be worthy of standing downwind of the Swiss when they pass wind from all that cheese they consume. :disappointed_relieved:

Meanwhile in the extremely dangerous sport of Lawn Darts, yet another celebrity has died while attempting to 'catch the dart':

Gumby will be missed.

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Wow. That's some really tough news to find that you have reported today. You are correct that the Swiss sure do cut a lot of cheese, but so do many other countries in Europe plus the USA for that matter.

But no thank you, I want to be standing upwind not downwind such that the stench would not blow in my direction, so see you on the other side and you go ahead and enjoy more hot air!

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Well Gushue beats the best team in the world, Nicholas Edin of Sweden in his final round robin game to finish 9-3, the same as Edin. His reward is that he gets to play him again tomorrow in a qualification game, although he gets the hammer as he holds the tiebreaker because of today’s win.

(Gushue, Canada wrap up round robin with win over Edin, Sweden Gushue, Canada wrap up round robin with win over Edin, Sweden at men's worlds | TSN)

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