Mastercard CFL rewards

Anyone see this yet?

Its a CFL mastercard that give points whenever you use the card and you can cash them in for rewards.
You get 1 point for every dollar you charge on the card
This one lookscool!
Enjoy this suite deal. A unique opportunity for you and a guest to receive the ultimate Grey Cup experience! Package includes: Two tickets (2) to the Grey Cup Championship Game, two (2) tickets to the CFL Player Awards with a Nominees meet and greet backstage (2) flights to the host city and 4 night double hotel accommodations (1 room).
You only need to spend a $930,000 to get it :roll:

Based on experience I would stay as far away from Mbna as possible. It took me 4 years to get off their calling list. I signed up for their dumb credit card, cut it up on recieving and told them that the first time they called me.
They harrassed me for years.

You guys need a do not call list.

Its comming next month

alot of people are gonna be out of work.
id rather take the 2 seconds out of my day to answer then hang-up, then possibly screw up our economy.

The problem is as soon as you somehow get on one telemarketing list, they share your name and pretty soon after they all call.
I too am waiting for the law to come in.

I can’t wait to get off that list.

So annoying.

Legislation couldn’t have come quick enough!

The list is not perfect as there are exceptions....

  1. Political parties asking for donations(big surprise that one)
    2)Charities(In OK with that one)
    Newspapers soliciting subscriptions
  2. any business you have previously done business with

Is this post spam? I don't see anything worthy of football related material here? I thought advertising was not allowed? Please could we keep some quality football topics here and not spam??????????? what a waste of time!

I signed up for the MBNA card at an Oilers game knowing full well I was going to get rejected. Got a nice backpack and blanket out of the deal.

...THIS post? your post? ro's post? Same answer for all three...nope...

Unfortunately, the no call list will come too late for my aunt. We believe she has the signs of alzheimer's.. and she got a call from Primus, a long distance company. She must have said yes to a sales pitch of some sort, and wound up getting a bill from them for $51. She was still a part of the Sask-Tel long distance, who canceled the Primus account. I called Primus myself, because we did not get two pages of the bill, but they told me to get those other pages , it would have cost her an extra $25! I'm still quite outraged over this... so the no-call list cannot come soon enough.

As for the CFL card, the only way you should get any calls from them is if YOU apply for the card first.

Unfortunately, under the new legislation, sambo, Primus will still be able to call your aunt, since she had “previously done business” with them.

Another exemption you missed, ro, are pollsters.

Pollsters are exempt!

The call list is a good thing. There will still be lots of jobs for telemarketers however.

Before the list down here I was harrassed incessantly. Every single day I would get calls, and sometimes more than once from the same company. It really enraged me more than once.

Since the list, it is MUCH better. I still get calls periodically from newspapers, pollsters and charities, but I have learned how to avoid those.

Never, ever make a donation to a charity over the phone, and never give your phone number when you donate in other ways. If you do, you will be harangued by ever bloody charity known to man.

Never buy ANYTHING over the phone. Never answer questions over the phone, especially personal ones.

If you never give out information of any kind and never buy things or make donations, you will eventually be dropped from every list.

I still occasionally get calls now, but most are from the Philippines or the Caribbean. I simply never answer them if I don't recognize the number, or if no information is displayed. I don't use an answering machine at home and I have all calls forwarded to my cell phone so I can see who is calling. I then decide whether to answer or not.