Massive New Casino Attached to BC Place

Just keeps getting better for Lions fans. A CFL team in one of the top entertainment complexes in North America when it's all said and done.

not really a big fan of this stuff, but at least maybe a few less people will be spending their money outside Canada at places like las vagas.

No question the way of the future is to combine stadiums/arenas as part of an overall entertainment/shopping area, something more than strictly sports.

Bigger, tougher, stronger, faster, better every year.

Great. BC place will be sick when it's completed. Nice entertainment district around the stadium, in downtown Vancouver no less.

people who hang out in casinos on a regular basis are all degenerates anyways, so why not have the government take their money? if not the government, surely it would go to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other forms of gambling.

This casino will open up all sorts of cross-marketing possibilities for the Lions and should help draw more fans to the stadium. Win-win for all


Anyone familiar with Hamilton, I wish they would turn that Bingo Hall in the core into a Casino, if only because it would attract less degenerates and add some respectability to both the core and the establishment.

Very Nice looking, People will flock to bc place as it is part of the entertainment source in vancouver, with the new hotel/casino know even if the lions are losing will be part of the package.

it will be the thing to do in the summer and fall. Can't waite.

This is great for BC Place. It might help attract more fans to the Lion's games. I doubt though if it will detter anyone from going to Vegas... they are in a league of their own! :cowboy:

Now all they need is to build a spanking new glitzy hotel next door and book Wayne Newton for a two year stint. :lol:

Seriously though, I can't see much of down side to this. I'll have a full report on the progress after my Vancouver trip in April.

there will be 2 hotels attached to the casino

now if they can only book Marie Osmond :thup:

Marie Osmond and Cirque du Soleil

What..would you rather people spend their money on.
Let's all send our hard earned money to Stephen Harper so he can ban gay marriage...right
What exactly do you mean in this statement....
People who spend money on Alcohol and cigarettes are giving most of that money to the government anyways...
Guess you better stop buying gasoline...since gasoline is also almost 50% taxes.

how much money would it take to ban gay marrage? i think your onto something CFL

I don't know...
You'd have to ask the Cons how much they money they have recieved from church groups in the last 6 years...
The untold millions that these church groups have donated has not been enough.
So the answere is ...more then what has already been donated.
This issue is why parliement was perouged last year (the first time)
The Cons are flush with church money(the majority of it from the USA) and thus tryed to cancel all federal funding of political parties.
The other three parties seen their demise since no special interest group donates to them on mass like the American churches and thus joined forces to over throw the government.
If Harper had succeeded... he would of bankrupted all political parties other then his own...and would of owed his absoulute popwer to church groups in the USA....
Mulroney has already sold our Canadian sovernty to the USA...I guess Harper is trying to sell our soul to the USA.

Wahhhh! Isn't there a David Suzuki special on that you should be watching?

Leave the man alone Artie, he's busy doing the Castrol Syntec oil challenge with his 2 Hummer H2's.