Massive Damage - The Ride is STILL Rough.


WR David McKoy
WR Carl Berman
WR Adarius Bowman
WR TJ Acree
WR Matt Dominguez
WR Vincent Marshall
SB/RB Henri Childs
SB Andy Fantuz
SB DJ Flick
SB Adam Nicholson
RB Wes Cates
QB Drew Tate
DE Dek Bake
DT Marcus Adams
DE John Chick
OT Belton Johnson
LB Brandon Lynch
LB Anton McKenzie
DB Leron Mitchell
DL Kevin Scott
DE Seante Williams
C Jeremy O'day

God I would give my left testicle to get half of that list back on the roster at the moment.

I would give my right nut but I gave that up earlier this week......... guess who is starting at slotback....... lol........ no seriously


I went to practice this week. Marshall ran around. He was running fast. Think he is ok. Scott Gordon didnt practice. Heard he might be hurt. The other Clovis was playing safety. Guess we will see Sunday. Chick practiced but he had a big cast on. Very big cast. Dont know when he can play. DJ Flick was still limping. ET said on Riderville he would be back for 2nd Calgary game. Or Hamilton game. Flick didnt look like it to me.

O'Day made the 46-man roster this week...can't be too badly injured, thankfully.

you said it..

this has got to be the worst injured team the CFL has ever seen.

have you EVER seen such a huge and talented injury list??

I don't know if I have ever seen it so bad.

Tough to win with so many injuries. Too many weapons sitting on the sidelines. Going to be a long tough series with Calgary next.