Well after several weeks, the TV numbers are finally printed, in Bill Hustons Globe usual Tuesday numbers.
He was on vacation for several weeks and unfortunately the Star here in Toronto and nowhere else was I able to find the stats for the first three weeks.
Can we presume them to be in the similar range, no doubt we will get the average soon.

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Shall I say again with the trend in CFL numbers increasing every year, how the league sold itself way short on the current deal.
Being $15M annually and instead should have atleast been $25M.

Are the numbers up or down from last year?

I suppose the Eskies and Argos game could add the 30K (or whatever the number was - i can't seem to find it anywhere) who saw the game live.

I don't know enough about the average audience figures, but those numbers certainly look VERY impressive. That Jays game that beat the CFL game looked like a fluke.

Fluke yeah a fluke???? That is a heck of an increase over 100% from the Jays game the day before. I smell some ballot-stuffing. LOL

rpaege, I believe last years TSN audince was around 340,000 while CBC excluding playoffs and GC was over 400,000.

I’m sure 400+ for an average, and particularly in the summer months is again an improvement for the TSN on CFL broadcasts. But personally, 400-500k in a country of 33million+ makes it seem rather unspectacular to me.

Kristjan you have to remember how the CFL is the leading summer/fall property, above all other sports and over the NFL.

These numbers are definately up from last year. I remember seeing numbers in the high 200's to mid 300's. I don't recall any regular season games getting over 400,000. This is great news! :cowboy:

And don't forget, Houston only reported the English-language TV numbers this week. You can easily add 150-200K per game for Quebec on RDS, and probably more for the Montreal-Sask. game. Which means that game could have had 750k viewers. Exceptional for this early in the season and a weekend game!

As an aside, Houston generally reports the TSN and RDS numbers (but missed the RDS numbers for some reason this week).

But, when it comes to comparing the number of Canadian viewers who watched the Superbowl versus the number of Canadians who watched the Grey Cup, he ALWAYS compares the CFL English speaking total, for the Grey Cup, and compares that to the Canadian total viewership to make it seem like almost as many Canadians watch the Superbowl as the Grey Cup. He basically lies. i've called him on it more than once, but he continues to do it.

Just another way the Toronto anti-CFL media manipulates the truth as it relates to the CFL.

Actually its not 33 million people because RDS gets around 340K for the Als games out of the Quebec market alone.

So for the Als vs Saskatchewan game you have

340k on RDS
30k in the stands
350k TSN

720k on 33 million and that’s damn fine.

Actually the ratings were over 400,000 a lot of times last year:

[url=] ... tv+ratings[/url] [url=] ... tv+ratings[/url]

wow..this weeks numbers are very impressive.

Yukoner you are bang on. He also mentiones the simlecast American channels and this u/k factor.
But my absolute favourite is the multi games NFL on a particular time slot.
Houston like the Globe's Sports department definitely have a pro NFL slant.

Just came across this, ratings up 11% from last year (scroll down to the second story)

Good posting leeing, wow 362,000 average so far 16 games vs 326,000 of last year.

Sask vs Toronto, KJ against his former team, Hot Argos vs the undefeated and prime time Sunday night football. I predict huge TV numbers for this game. I got my Pizza and Wings on speed dial.

Didn't realize the Jays' numbers were that high.

I think instead of looking at the total population of Canada, we should be looking at the total percentage of viewers out of all viewers in a given time slot.

In other words, those 750k or so viewers might represent 50% of all viewers because there might be, and I'm guessing here, only 1.5 million total viewers. Even if it's 3 million sets of eyeballs, 750K would represent a 25 share and that's a huge number.

I'm pretty sure that's how audience share is calculated for the purposes of advertising pricing. Maybe somebody in the know can correct me if I'm wrong.

CFL numbers grow substancially after labour day… Those numbers are AFTER labour day… Hence why the CBC use to only show games after labour day for the better part of a decade…

Good to see TFC doing so well!!!

Thanks for letting me know... :cowboy: